Apple plans to develop Siri, hires speech tech experts

By IVCPOST Staff Reporter

Jul 28, 2013 04:59 AM EDT

According to a report that came from Xconomy, Apple pulled together a group of experts on speech technology. Most of the experts were said to be based in the Boston area. The report stated that at present, Apple is in the creative process of developing Siri, its personal assistant that could be activated through voice command.

Xconomy found out the Siri team through an investigation on their online job profiles. Xconomy further stated that the team was comprised of Gunnar Evermann as Siri's speech manager, Larry Gillick as Siri's chief speech scientist and Don MacAllaster as Siri's senior research scientist. The group were supposed to develop the latest voice recognition technology for Apple's famous personal assistant.

The speech technology team members worked for VoiceSignal Technologies before. VoiceSignal was a software corporation that was later purchased by Nuance Communications. Consequently, Nuance provided recognition technology for various tech corporations like Apple.

Xconomy noted that Apple does not normally maintain an engineering team so far from it Cupertino, California headquarters. The website added that the new group would signify Apple's aim to create its own proprietary voice recognition technology for Siri. Nonetheless, no other information were disclosed about the tech titan's new project.

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