Uber Move Business Ventures To Arizona Instead Of California

The saga between the ride-hailing company Uber and California appears to come to an end as Uber packs up and moves one state over.

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Leads Strongest Gun Law

For the sixth time since 2010, California has the strongest gun laws of all 50 states, according to the most recent annual scorecard released by the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

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Uber Rolls Out Self-Driving Car Fleet, Faces Backlash From Regulators

Months after the rollout in Pittsburgh, Uber lanched its self-driving car fleet in California. State regulators asked the company to cease its operations of self-driving vehicles because of a lack of proper testing permit.

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UC Davis Granted With $760M For Research Purposes

The University of California, Davis, received with $760 million fund to support its research programs. The federal government has been accounted mostly for the fund which was awarded to researches that address public health concerns.

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AG Defends California Insurance Commissioner For A Regulatory Step

Oral arguments are heard this week by the California Supreme Court.Duringthe deliberation, the Attorney General’s office defended a regulatory move by Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones when the insurance industryfiled a case against them.

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Aliso Viejo Offers Luxurious Lifestyle For Its Future Tenants

Shea Properties has announced the grand opening of its Luxury Apartments for a deluxe living in a 435-unit Vantis Apartments development located in the heart of the city of Aliso Viejo, CA.

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California Judge Agreed Charter's Acquisition of Time Warner Cable With Conditions

The decision was announced on Tuesday. California administrative law judge recommended to approve acquisition of Time Warner Cable by Charter Communications with significant conditions.

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Tentative Deal Reached for California's $15 Per Hour Minimum Wage

A tentative deal was reached by the Californian government over a statewide minimum wage of $15 an hour. No specific information has been conveyed yet but labor unions will pursue their initiatives. Gov. Jerry Brown and his advisers are still debating about the wage increase that would mean an additional expenditure for the government as it already pays for the worker's services for the disabled.

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Ivanpah Solar Plant possible shutdown; The $2.2 bln power plant in Mojave performs lower than expected

Federally backed $2.2 billion solar plant in California may be forced to close. The solar plant failed to supply electricity to Pacific Gas and Electric Co as promised.

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Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Transportation System Will be Operating by 2020

Hyperloop, a high-tech futuristic transportation system initiated by Elon Musk, is now in progress with the help of crowdsourced teams formed after Musk open-sourced its blueprint. The technology will be tested this summer at SpaceX headquarters and is expected to be operating by 2020.

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Tech Salaries Are More Than Double Average Pay in 2015 As The Industry Continues To Grow

Tech salaries are soaring higher, as last year it more than doubles the average pay in other sectors. It proves that the tech industry remains a major driving force in the U.S. economy with high income and massive job gains across the country.

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WOW airlines now offer $199 flight from California to Europe

WOW Air has wowed the masses with its expansion into United States' South West at an unbelievable cost of $199. This carrier will fly passengers from California to Europe at this no-frills cost. A #WowinCali contest on social media has added to the hype, where the contest winners can win free tickets on this new route.

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Uber Offers Job of Drivers to Nonviolent Criminal Offenders in California

Uber has changed its driver recruitment policy and advised the previously rejected applicant seeking for drivers’ job to take the benefit of proposition 47. This law allows nonviolent criminal offenders to downgrade their offence level to misdemeanor through submitting applications. Uber’s effort is believed to benefit the released inmates who aim to rebuild their lives.

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Former Facebook president Sean Parker gave half million dollars for marijuana legalization initiative in California

Former Facebook exec Sean Parker gave $500,000 to a newly formed group that aims to legalize recreational marijuana use in California.

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Washington and Oregon delayed crab season after discovering toxins in crustaceans

Crabs are eaten widely in Washington, Oregon and California. It also a tradition at Thanksgiving and other holiday meals. But this year, the locals have to wait for a little to get their hands on scrumptious crab dishes.

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