PM Lee of Singapore visits Australia to strengthen regional ties

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Oct 12, 2016 09:11 AM EDT

Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is the first leader of its nation to address federalism.  The two countries look to deepen ­defense and economic binds as part of an effort to promote ­stability in the SE Asian ­region.

Mr. Lee's visit is consists of three days. He heads to the nation's capital. His intention to visit will also allow the government to update the Singapore-Australia free-trade agreement. This lasted for thirteen years after it came into reality.  The door for Australian start-ups to partner with Singapore-based as the door will open to industry and capital through establishment of a new "innovation landing pad" as well as driving greater cultural exchanges between both parties.

 On the table, a research collaboration with stronger co-operation flagged between the CSIRO and Singapore's Agency for Science, Technology and ­Research. This aims to help drive techno­logical innovation.

 Accompanied by a senior delegation of Singapore parliamentarians, including the ministers for trade, defence and foreign affairs, Mr. Lee explored Australia not to relax but to negotiate its union.

 Australia and Singapore signed a Joint ­Declaration on the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership marking the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations in June, last year.

Collaborative efforts have been aimed at opening up a new chapter in the relationship since then.

 In addition, ties between Australia and Singapore dated back to World War II and the historical defense of Singapore that saw more than 1700 Australians lose their lives said Malcolm Turnbull, last night.

"According to the prime minister, their country was the first to establish diplomatic relations with Singapore and celebrated the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations last year. Singapore is now Australia's fifth largest trading partner and foreign investor.

It was more important than ever, since the key aspect of the trip was on a greater focus on regional security, Mr. Turnbull stressed out. He described the expansion of facilities as a critical element for the Singaporean armed forces.

The government announced a 25-year deal allowing Singapore to heighten the number of troops. It certainly has on rotation in Australia from 6000 to 14,000 through an expounding facilities in Queensland, at Shoalwater Bay and Townsville on May.

 Marise Payne, the defense minister, yesterday said that the moves to rotate Singaporean troops through northern Australia for training and exercises were a huge "game-changer" in the ­region.

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