Royal baby boy causes boost in copy Kate effect

By IVCPOST Staff Reporter

Jul 24, 2013 05:47 AM EDT

The royal baby boy's birth was anticipated to boost baby boom and copy Kate effect. After the Buckingham Palace's announcement that the future king was born at 4:24pm Monday at London's St. Mary's hospital, experts predicted the upsurge in Britain's economy.

The copy Kate effect was a trend wherein women all over the world would tend to dress similarly with the Duchess. Since the announcement of Kate's pregnancy in December, the sales of pregnancy tests, home fertility monitors and maternity dresses rocketed to 60%.

"Kate's bound to make having a baby look pretty easy and aspirational. They are not going to have the same financial worries but the beauty of being a new mum is that you instantly identify with other new mums. The royal infant could make the nation broody and start the baby boom. It's bound to, plus the recession and the feel good factor of last year," Mother & Baby magazine's editor-in-chief, Claire Irvin, stated. "It's all an incentive to get baby-making".

In 2012, 724,000 babies were delivered. This was highest in 40 years which further signified that the royal birth added to the current baby boom.

"It would seem that women are trying for a baby in the hope of experiencing their pregnancy alongside Kate," Hugh Ayling, UK Brand Manager said. He added that they have "never seen an increase like this before".

"The Kate Effect may be worth GBP1 billion to the UK fashion industry," Newsweek stated. Moreover, the fashion choice of the Duchess had profound effect on charity. He wedding dress that was displayed in the palace raised GBP8 million for the Royal Collection.

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