BitTeaser's Blockchain Ad Network Will Change Online Advertising With Pay-Per-Click and Other Models

By Staff Writer

Mar 15, 2016 07:55 AM EDT

The global online advertising market will be seeing some change in the landscape due to the emergence of blockchain-based advertising network offered by BitTeaser. The service is growing fast, allowing anyone to earn money with its advertising system.

BitTeaser introduce itself as an advertising network based on delivering 'teaser' ads, aiming to become the first such initiative to be built on blockchain technology, which similar system could be found in crypto currency Bitcoin. The company also claimed to allow absolute and guaranteed fairness, a culture of openness, and full and accessible transparency.

Sometimes referred to as the crypto version of the world's main advertising network Google AdSense, BitTeaser supports the CPM and CPC models. Another model of online advertising CPA is to be implemented shortly, according to the company. Webmasters can also earn money from affiliate commission rate of up to 10 percent, donation options, and a 50 percent bonus of first deposit.

Forbes noted that the innovators behind BitTeaser have high hopes that it will pave the way for the next stage of advertising. Launched in January last year, the creators from Denmark and the U.S. is using 'peer-to-peer' platforms to enable any webmaster to join the advertising networks, not just publishers who already have a huge size of traffic that can make the $100 minimum payout.

BitTeaser has been working with more than 1,000 webmasters with monthly growth of around 15-20 percent. The blockchain system allows the system to display all click-throughs in real-time. Users can then easily track their clicks and claim their reward with the minimum price of 5 cents per click. The company also reported average CPC to be equal to 5.15 cents and CTR of 0.45 percent. The number also means that webmasters receive up to 90 percent from the cost of a click.

PRNewsWire elaborated how BitTeaser works as a crypto version on the popular AdSense. "In each case, tokens are bought with revenues from the projects every month and then burned, eventually resulting in a natural rise in the value of remain tokens as excess supply is taken off the market and holders enjoy the benefits of their long-term investment." Some programs have also been established which took advantage of the blockchain advertising system.

Blockchain-based BitTeaser is considered to capable of tackling some of other existing advertising systems, such as Google AdSense. As one of the benefit, owners of small traffic sites can also take advantage of the advertising network without the $100 minimum payout. The emerging crypto system supported by Bitcoin is also making way for such services like BitTeaser.

The blockchain system initiated by Bitcoin has also entered the advertising sector with the blockchain-based BitTeaser. The emergence of the ad network service will change the landscape of online advertising as more webmasters can now join the sector.

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