For Sale: Clean English Air, $115 per Jar

By Staff Writer

Feb 18, 2016 01:17 AM EST

China has been struggling for fresh air for quite some time now. Smoke from coal-fired factories and carbon emissions from vehicles contribute greatly to the pollution replacing the clean, breathable air with smog.  Due to intoxicating pollution, Beijing had raised a red alert warning level last December that even prevent schools from conducting class and establishments from operating.  Every citizen needs a lungful of fresh air and well-off residents will do anything to ease their breathing difficulty. They buy jars of 'fresh air' gathered in an English country side from a British entrepreneur selling it at $115 a jar.

Pollution has ruined much of the clean and fresh air in China. The dirty air takes lives of 1.6 million people every year and getting air free from pollutants is nearly impossible.  Many thought that it was a joke or even insane when a Canadian company began selling China of clean air in bottles last year.

British entrepreneur Leo De Watts founded the Aethaer, an air-importing company that imports jars of clean air.  He already made thousands of pounds by selling jars of 'naturally occurring, lovingly bottled" country air that costs £80 each (around $115).  He divests his merchandise like fine liquors and tells of the place of origin of his fresh air including Wales, Dorset, and Somerset where each has their own special characteristics, according to All That Is Interesting.

De Watts hails from Dorset but is now living in Hong Kong. He perceives his product as "Louis Vuitton or Gucci" of fresh air.  He made a comment on the difference  between the areas where he gets air. "I would say on the whole that Dorset air seems to pick up a few more scents of the ocean, as the breeze flows up the Jurassic Coast and over the lush pastures.

His company Aethaer is a Greek term for 'pure, fresh air'. It is one of the two companies that sell  bottle air to China.  His team makes use  of specially adapted fishing nets used to collect the breeze in the fields.  These specially designed nets  are being left for about 10 minutes to draw in the local aroma before bottling the air in 580 ml jars. A Canadian company sells bottled air from Rocky Mountain to Beijing and other places, as reported by RT.

Different kinds of pollution endanger  the health of Chinese.  The Guardian newspaper made a special report of photos last May on how pollution greatly affects people in China.  Many of the photos reveal lots of people who lost their loved ones due to pollution-induced diseases preferably cancer.  Dr. Jim Zhang of Duke University shows positivity seeing that there is still hope and all is not lost for China, Reverb Press reports.

Shortage of fresh air makes it difficult for the people of China to breathe and do their usual activities.  Companies like Aethaer sells pure, fresh air in jars from Britain and a Canadian company does the same getting the air from the Rocky Mountains.  This could be a lucrative business since air do not run out of supply. However, China should still make a move to make the country's air breathable for everyone and do not just rely on temporary and expensive solution.

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