Hoverboard fire accident in Tennessee: $1 Million worth home went to ashes

By Staff Writer

Feb 11, 2016 06:08 AM EST

Fire sparked from a hoverboard destroyed a Nashville house at Tennessee worth $1 Million. This incident took place last month on 9th January, 2016 at 11.40 pm and the Nashville Fire Department says two fires in the last three months were caused by hoverboards.

According to Nashville Scene, the press release from the Nashville Fire Department said that, during the fire accident on Radcliff Drive, two teens hid upstairs in a home after hearing noises downstairs. Unbeknownst to them, a FITURBO F1 "hoverboard" had burst into flames on the first floor. Upon being confronted with smoke, a 16-year-old girl kicked out a second-floor window and leapt into her father's arms. Both received minor injuries in the process. The father then helped the 14-year-old boy out a second-story window with a ladder.

Nashville Fire Chief Rick White said that, "We are fortunate that there were only minor injuries in what was an extremely dangerous fire." He added that, "We hope Nashvillians use extreme caution before purchasing or using these hoverboards."

It took weeks for the investigators with the Nashville Fire Department to figure out that the fire was caused by the FITURBO F1 hoverboard. Also the officials advised that, if you do own a hoverboard, always use the manufacturer-supplied charge. Do not leave it unattended while charging or plugged into an outlet overnight. Do not overcharge the device and follow the manufacturer's recommended charging times.

abcnews reported that, Nashville Fire Department Public Information Officer Brian Haas told that it is unclear if the family will rebuild the home. The hoverboard that caused the fire was burned so badly that fire officials will likely be unable to determine whether it was charging at the time the fire sparked, Haas added.

 The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is currently investigating dozens of fires across the United States thought to be caused by hoverboards, according to the Nashville Fire Department.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission said last month that it was looking into the safety of the toys, linking them to at least 40 fires in 19 states as said by the Daily Mail. Last week, another fire caused by a hoverboard ravaged a home in San Leandro, California. 

The Tennessee State Fire Marshal's Office says that this is the first confirmed house fire caused by a hoverboard in Tennessee. But due to a growing number of cases across the U.S., they are strongly warning Tennesseans to use extreme caution if they choose to purchase a hoverboard.

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