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Renewable Energy Sector Stays Positive Despite Trump’s Policy Outlook

Amid the incoming Trump administration's policy outlook, the renewable energy sector remains optimistic that the renewable companies would not be killed.

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‘Now We Are Feeling What Not Having Hope Feels Like’ – Michelle Obama On Trump Presidency

First Lady Michelle Obama reflected on the past eight years of being in the White House in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that will air on Monday. She also shared her views of America as her husband is set to step down soon.

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Investment Industry Waits For Trump’s Stance On Fiduciary Rule

The landscape for the investment industry remains uncertain as the financial advisors and broker-dealers are yet to know the intention of the incoming administration regarding the fiduciary rule. The rule was passed earlier this year and is scheduled to take effect on April 10, 2017.

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Meet with Donald Trump

The top people from Apple, Alphabet, Facebook, and Microsoft are set to have a meeting with Donald Trump.

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Deregulation Moves Predicted On Donald Trump’s Administration

President-elect Donald Trump has been filling his cabinet with surprising choices. His picks to hold significant positions in the cabinet are known adversaries of the agencies they will hold. Although his choices did not receive wide favorable response, he believes that his cabinet will remove regulations that stifle growth.

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AT&T And Time Warner $85 Billion Mega Deal Yet To Convince Regulators

Two giant providers, AT&T and Time Warner proposed an $85 billion deal to merge the companies in order to provide more innovation in the industry. The merger, however, faced tough questions in the Senate as the regulators are skeptic about the possible effects of such large-scale deal to pricing and competition.

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SoftBank Pledges $50 Billion Investment In U.S.

President-elect Donald Trump met with SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son on Tuesday. The telecom mogul confirmed his plan to invest $50 billion in the U.S., with the aim of creating 50,000 jobs.

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Donald Trumpm's Vote

According to a study during the presidential election, Donald Trump had got his high votes from area which are mostly affected by drugs and alcohol abuse.

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Impleentation of the new EPA Rules

There is a new implement EPA rules and a percentage of this have been imposed by the President Obama.

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De La Fuente Called For Nevada Counties To Recount Ballots

Independent presidential candidate Roque De La Fuente requested and paid for the ballot recounts of five counties in Nevada. He said in a statement that his sole interest is to create awareness on the election system.

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Jill Stein’s Fund For Election Recount Nears $7 Million

Jill Stein has already raised $6.3 million for her call for an election recount, close to the target of $7 million. The fund will be used to cover for the expenses in the recount for votes in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

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Regions Bank Senior VP Labeled “Racist of the Week” After Offensive Comment On Obama

President Barrack Obama has been the target of a Facebook rant posted by a Regions Bank VP. In response, the bank fired the associate and disavowed her comments.

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Donald Trump Approves Corporate And Individual Donations For Inauguration

President-elect Donald Trump holds meetings with media executives as his inauguration draws near. He stated that he will be accepting donations from big corporations and individuals for the activities surrounding his inauguration.

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Barron Trump Is Happy That He's Staying Out In NYC

Melania Trump and son Barron will not be joining President-elect Donald Trump in the White House. They will be staying in New York City until Barron finishes his school year.

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Warren Buffett Investment Grows even more.

Warren Buffet's bank stocks and investment had really done quite well even after the presidential election. Berkshire Hathaway stocks are listed below.

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