Paul Singer contributes $2.5 million to super Pac

By Staff Writer

Feb 01, 2016 10:24 PM EST

The super PAC supporting Marco Rubio said that it has raised 14.4 million US dollar during the final six-month of 2015. Huge hedge funder Paul Singer donated 2.5 million US dollar, while his friend Cliff Asness, an investment magnate, sponsored 1 million US dollar to Super PAC.

Billionaire Ken Griffin contributed 2.5 million US dollar during the final half of 2015 over the $100,000, which he donated in the first six-month of the year. David Humphreys, building products baron of Missouri, and Mary Spencer of Key Biscayne contributed 1 million US dollar each, according to POLITICO.

Other Rubio's major donors include Norm Braman, a former proprietor of the Philadelphia Eagles and a car dealer in Miami, donated 1 million US dollar in the final half of the year, which brings his total contribution amount to 6 million US dollar. Norm Braman has not denied media reports that he is willing to sponsor as much as 10 million US dollar to support Rubio.

Brian Ballard, a former Bush sponsor and a lobbyist in Florida, gave $25,000 and he ceased backing Bush's campaign as he felt that it was committed too much to separating Rubio. Robert C. McNair, the owner of Houston Texans football team, contributed $500,000 while Harlan Crow gave $100,000 to back up Rubio.

Corporation joined hands to contribute over 1.6 million US dollar. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc, which challenged an Obamacare establishment that could have compelled for-profit proprietors with religious hostilities to pay for abortion coverage, gave $10,000 to Conservative Solutions.

IGX LLC contributed $500,000 to Conservative Solutions PAC on October 2015. There is no detail regarding the person connected with IGX, The Huffington Post said. Other donors include David Herro and Seth Klarman, both donated six-figure donations to support super PAC.

OpenSecrets said that Paul D Ryan's joint fundraising committee, JFC, got nearly 2.7 million US dollars from large sponsors as well as from corporate political boards. The Ryan team divided the capital among its three partners. As per the record 2.9 million US dollar was transferred to the National Republican Congressional Committee, $830,372 went to Ryan for Congress while $508,048 went Prosperity Action.

According to Jeff Sadosky, the spokesperson of super PAC, the capital raised in January enabled them to completely fund their campaigns in New Hampshire and Iowa, and also allowed them to show up on television a month before then it was planned originally. More capital has been consumed on criticizing Marco than the other GOP presidential field joined, Sadosky added. "That air cover has been incredibly important as Marco has found himself attacked by Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton and the assorted groups supporting their candidacy," Sadosky said.

Marco Rubio being a candidate for the Republican nomination depends on his performance in Lowa conferences. Huge capital has been spent by the super PAC group for Marco Rubio's campaign, but its expenditures for December will not be completely revealed until late February.

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