GitHub faces overhaul as many executives quit

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Feb 08, 2016 05:16 AM EST

GitHub, the place for constructing software, is experiencing a huge inner havoc as many executives flee from the company. Chris Wanstrath has been overhauling the firm's culture backed by its board. According to the change, senior officers must report directly to the office instead of staying afar. As a result, of this change many executives left the company.

The company has reported a huge growth from nearly 300 to about 500 staffs in few months, with more than 70 people entering the company in the previous quarter. Old employees fear that those who do not back the company's overhaul will be exiled.

Recently, GitHub's executive team has witnessed few transformations under Chris Wanstrath, co-founder and chief executive officer. During the last few months, nearly eight executives have parted with the company, including Vlado Herman, Chief Financial officer; Marco Di Giacomo, leader of product marketing; Brain Doll, VP Strategy and Kelli Dragovich, Vice President of Human resources, according to Business Insider.

Apart from this executive departure, Adam Zimman, Senior Director of Technology; Scott Buxton, Vice President of Finance and Ryan Day, Vice President of business growth, have parted with the company over the last six months. A spokesperson for the company pointed out a statement made by Kakul Srivastava, VP of program management, who said that the company is focusing on constructing a fresh type of firm "where the playbooks of old won't' always work."

In 2014, Chris Wanstrath succeeded Tom Preston-Werner as CEO of GitHub. Werner was accused of sexual harassing a female staff who quit the company. According to the company's inner investigation there was no evidence of sexual harassment, however, there were other management issues.

One person portrays Wanstrath as a thoughtful man trying to make everyone happy, he is very direct and rational when making a decision. Julio Avalos, a senior lawyer of GitHub, seems to have high power in the firm from the time Chris Wanstrath took the position as CEO, Business Insider said quoting a person close to GitHub.

In the midst of overhauling culture, GitHub has also introduced a Ruby library, Scientist 1.0, which will aid software developers to refactor their code more easily and with confidence. The scientist was utilized by a wide range of developers for their projects in the past few years. Scientist seems very useful when rewriting codes that are very critical, InfoQ said quoting Jesse Toth, an engineer at GitHub. In addition, the Ruby library boosts the confidence of developers with regard to the accuracy of their new operation.

The company has paid nearly $95,300 to 58 security experts for fixing 102 securing bugs in the last two years. The company's bug bounty platform has positioned it amid the Silicon Valley best. The program was a huge success for GitHub and many experts gathered to report security warnings impacting the company's infrastructure, reports SOFTPEDIA.

Chris wanted to renovate management structure in order to develop the company's business in all aspects. While some insiders approve to Chis' approach to reshuffle the executive team, few felt that the group is stimulating the inner cultural war.

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