Android 6.0 Marshmallow: Best New Remarkable Features to Enjoy

By Staff Writer

Feb 08, 2016 02:17 AM EST

Android's new update, the version 6.0 Marshmallow was first introduced in May 2015 under the codename Android M. The version was released not long after that in October 2015. As for now, most Android devices has experienced the new version, which focus is to improve the overall user experience of the previous Android update, Lollipop. To achieve a better experience, Google has come up with several new features that deserves highlight.

Google Now on Tap allows users to access Google Now without leaving a current app or screen. According to Android Origin, Google Now will search for keywords on the current screen and present the results from a range of relevant results, including Yelp, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, IMDb, and more. The results will take users directly to the relevant page.

Fingerprint sensor will also be supported by the software in Android 6.0 Marshmallow with a standard API that will be valid for fingerprint sensors. Besides unlocking the device, fingerprint sensor and support could also be used to authorize financial transactions via Android Pay, among other things. 

Neuro Gadget listed Doze as one of Android Marshmallow's remarkable feature. With Doze, users would not have to worry about battery life as much. The new feature available in Android 6.0 will boost the device's battery life by preventing apps to send or receive data when the screen is off, without disabling cellular network or Wi-Fi connection. 

With Doze, Marshmallow devices only lose an average of 3-5 percent battery life overnight, compared to an average of 15-25 percent in other devices, as reported by AndroidPIT. It should be noted also that this feature is not the same with the battery saving mode that comes with the device, so users can save even more battery life.

Determined to support the newest innovation of things, Marshmallow also supports USB Type-C. The innovation does not stop there, because the Type-C support and the new USB Power Delivery specification enables Marshmallow devices to reverse-charge other devices.

One other worth-mentioning new changes brought by Marshmallow is the support for microSD cards as storage. Google removed support for microSD cards in its Android KitKat version. In Android Lollipop, Google revealed partial support for the storage, because of concerns over security. Marshmallow users wouldn't have to worry about security while enjoying the external expandable storage because Marshmallow allows mircoSD cards to be formatted to be used only on a specific device.

The Android version 6.0 Marshmallow was released back in late 2015. However, many users still don't know about the new features. The new version features highlight user interface improvement in Google Now, performance management in Doze, security improvement with fingerprint sensor support, new innovations with USB Type-C, as well as storage improvement with microSD cards.

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