Apple Plans To Transform iPhone Apps To Android Compatible Versions Aiming To Boost Revenue

By Staff Writer

Feb 05, 2016 06:30 AM EST

Apple's preinstalled iPhone and iPad software may no longer be limited to mobile operating system only. The software may be transformed from iOS9 to Android. Apple CEO has hinted this while speaking to employees at a company-wide Town Hall meeting.

The transformation has taken place once with Apple Music in late 2015. The transformation has been referred as a mean to test the waters for porting over additional services to other platforms, reports TechRadar quoting Tim Cook, the Apple CEO.

Apple Music has been made Android compatible ahead of probability for losing subscribers to Beats Music, the fundamental base of Apple Music. Apple has acquired Beats Music for $3 billion in 2014 and started transitioning customers shortly after the launch of Apple Music in June 2015, reports AppleInsider.

Apple has 62 apps available within its App Store right at this moment. Till now, three apps have been transformed to make them compatible with Android devices. The apps are Apple Music, the Move to iOS transfer tool and Beats Pill+.

Android compatibility of the apps has maximized potential listenership since the platform is more widespread than iOS. Apple may probably bring iTunes music, book, video sales along with much speculated streaming TV offering to Android.

Cook hasn't specified names of the Apple apps and services those may make their way to Android. But there are several key suspects that Android switcher may like to see. However, Cook has made notable announcement on Apple's future product pipeline.

The Apple CEO has expressed excitement over some far-off hardware announcement coming beyond 2016. Citing the holiday sales figure of 74.8 million iPhones during the holiday quarter, he has referred iPhone as the greatest business of the future with decade's worth of potential growth, reports Business Insider.

In the town hall speech, the CEO predicts for rebounding of the iPhone by the end of 2016. Apple is expected to unveil anew iPad in March. Furthermore, the Apple TV is expected to provide bright future in the living room through licensed exclusive TV contents.

The apps, Apple intends bringing to Android may be poised to limitations. Finally those apps will be made Android compatible, which may fetch money via subscription services. From Apple CEO's future product planning, analysts believe, Apple is hunting for new sources of revenue beside innovative efforts for bringing new tech products.

Some iPhone apps have won vast popularity among the users. Apple first tested transformation of the iPhone apps to Android compatible versions in 2015 through Apple Music. The transformation allows Apple to earn more compared to iPhone limited version only. The ever slowing sales figures have prompted Apple to look for diversified mean of revenue earning from app subscription services.

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