McDonald's is Facing a Lawsuit of $5 Million Over Claim That Its Mozzarella Sticks are Cheese-less

By Staff Writer

Feb 02, 2016 10:50 PM EST

McDonald's is facing a lawsuit for not serving its mozzarella sticks with insufficient cheese. The case is pursued by California man Chris Howe along with 40 other consumers and they are demanding $5 million in damages from the company. The customers claimed that the cheese in McDonald's new menu mozzarella cheese is insufficient in amount. Even more, they claimed that the little amount of cheese in the sticks is not 100 percent real cheese. 

According to Eater, the lawsuit says that the chain restaurant cut costs by using a filler in their mozzarella sticks. Howe and other customers made this fact a case because the company had used unfair advertising in claiming the menu item contained real 100 percent mozzarella cheese. "The sticks are filled with a substance that is composed in part of starch, in violation of the federal standards of identity for 'mozzarella' cheese, and contrary to reasonable consumers' expectations regarding the meaning of the term 'mozzarella'," Howe explained in the lawsuit. 

Previously, a lot of customers already storm the social media with complaints about the hollow and disappointing mozzarella sticks. They cast out a similar accusation that McDonald's served their new menu addition improperly without sufficient cheese while the fast food chain claimed that the sticks contain real mozzarella and 100 percent real cheese.

American Bar Association also noted that the lawsuit tests support the claim. The tests showed that starch is accounted for 3.7 percent of the cheese on the mozzarella sticks. The tests measured the ingredients by weight, inside a coating. 

McDonald's already responded to this claim with a refute. The fast food chain insisted that their mozzarella cheese sticks are made with 100 percent low moisture part skim mozzarella cheese, as quoted by Law360. McDonald's also claimed that their new menu item is not cheese-less, but the cheese melted out of the sticks as they were cooked. So the failure is not on the recipe but on the cooking and serving process. McDonald's is reportedly determined to defend itself against the accusations made by customers.

Fast food chain restaurants in the U.S are reportedly involved in 'price war' recently, whereas restaurants offer value deals with a low price. McDonald's is one of the earliest participant offering discount menu where customers can get two selected menu items for just $2. 

Chris Howe and other 40 customers are still moving forward to pursue the $5 million damage in the lawsuit. On the other hand, McDonald's remains firm that they are not violating any regulations, and that their new menu item mozzarella sticks contain 100 percent pure mozzarella cheese. 

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