McDonald’s Expands More New Restaurants in Asia

McDonald’s is planning to extend its fast food empire to Asia by opening additional restaurants in Hong Kong, South Korea and China. It is also seeking strategic partnership in Japan and Taiwan.

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Chipotle heads suffer compensation cut following E.Coli impact

Chipotle slashed its executives' pay for the year 2015. In a regulatory filing released on Friday, Chipotle said that its executives will not receive any bonus for 2015 as a result of the E.coli incident.

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Taco Bell Launched $1 Breakfast Menu Nationwide

Taco Bell launched its $1 breakfast menu nationwide aiming to surpass McDonald's "McPick 2". Taco Bell customers can order 10 food items for a dollar each including several additions.

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McDonald's "All Day Breakfast: Bigger Menu" Boosts Its Stocks

McDonald's has launched its all-day breakfast menu and called it "All Day Breakfast: Bigger Menu" where customers can order any or all of the following: hash browns, biscuits, McGriddles and McMuffins. The offer has been tested in Tulsa, OK and North Carolina Triad area boosting the restaurant's stocks 0.70% to $119.25.

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McDonald's Introduces Chobani-yoghurt Parfaits and Smoothies, Breakfast Bowls

McDonald's partners with Chobani, a Greek yoghurt-maker company and tests how the yoghurt will come along being incorporated to some of its menu. The fast food chain is adapting to the change to make itself a 'modern and progressive company' as it adapts to the changing tastes of its customers.

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McDonald's Soon to Serve Draft Beer in South Korea

McDonald's is about to launch its experimental outlet in Seoul, South Korea, with draft beer. The fast-food giant has taken its first steps to introduce the concept of beer with hamburgers in Asia, having added this beverage long time back in its German, French, and Spanish outlets. If the Asian people embrace this concept, McDonald's is ready to open up two more similar outlets in Gangnam and Sinchon.

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McDonald's Facing a Lawsuit of $5 Million Over Its Mozzarella Sticks

The lawsuit is cast out by more than 40 customers, led by Chris Howe. The lawsuit stated that McDonald's aired unfair advertisements with the claim that its new menu item contains 100 percent pure mozzarella cheese, while according to Howe they contain filler. The lawsuit tests support the claim, but McDonald's has refuted the claim.

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Food Safety: US Meat Supplier Disputes Chinese Court Verdict Over Selling Substandard and Expired Meat in China

The supplier's subsidiary units in China was convicted for selling substandard and expired meats to restaurants including McDonald's and KFC. However, the company argued that the verdict was unjust and inconsistent with the evidence presented in court.

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McDonald’s To Shut Down 500 Restaurant Chains This Year 2016, Maximizing The Potential Assets

McDonald's will shut 500 of its restaurants in 2016. The closures are aimed at maximizing the potential assets and leaving the weak-performing ones. McDonald's return has been declining. Fortunately, it has gained more increase during the three last months of 2015.

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Formula trumps over casual tag line: Mathematician gets the better of McDonald’s

A simple formula by an ace mathematician has managed to challenge the 'endless' claim on its slogan by the fast food giant, McDonald's

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McDonald’s gets a multi-color makeover as CEO pushes the company to be a modern, progressive burger company

McDonald’s launched a new makeover for its packaging using bold, bright colors on cups, boxes, and bags that will become more appealing to customers.

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14 US states will increase minimum wage in 2016

The majority of states in the United States including major cities will implement new minimum wage rate starting this year as workers continue to strike and demanding a better payment. Workers have been under pressure lately as the cost of living continues to increase yet their minimum wage remains the same.

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McDonald's shares hit record high as new CEO's turnaround plan start to work

The shares of McDonalds' - the world's biggest restaurant chain - jumped more than 8% to hit $110.88 on Thursday. CEO Steve Easterbrook, who took over the helm 8 months ago, stated that the rebound in the quarterly restaurant sales showed that his turnaround plan is starting to take effect.

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Chipotle has two years of bad sales growth

For over two years, Chipotle has the worst quarterly sales growth of 12%. Chipotle used to have an outstanding speed when comes to sales growth, but now for four consecutive quarters, its sales growth has been plunging.

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Investors demand antibiotic-free meat products from McDonald's

It's a never-ending issue for McDonald's and other restaurants until they cease using antibiotics with their meat products. McDonald's received a "C" score for antibiotics overuse.

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