Following Hardware Business, Microsoft And Google Find It Hard To Be Like Apple

By Staff Writer

Jan 26, 2016 04:17 AM EST

Microsoft and Google discover that to be like Apple is not an easy task. Both Microsoft and Google have received tough reviews on their Surface Book Laptop and the Google Pixel C tablet.

According to Business Insider, Paul Thurrott, a well-known Microsoft blogger, criticized the Surface Book laptop performance, which he mentioned as "echoing my own sentiments on the Surface Pro 4 tablet."

There was also a harsh assessment from AnandTech on the Google Pixel C. It pointed out the stability issues, unusual malfunctions, and the poor Android operating system.

One of the statements mentioned, "At this point, I don't know if I can really recommend any high end Android tablets in good conscience, because I know they won't be offering the buyer what they deserve for such a high price. This applies even more so to the Pixel C, which has stability issues that I can't believe exist on such an expensive tablet with both the hardware and software designed by the same company."

This is not far different from Microsoft's Surface tablets and laptops. It shows very clearly how Apple has stepped further than the two fellow companies. Even with the struggles done by both teams time after time, they are still unable to produce a single tablet that has half performance of Apple's Ipad tablets.

Apple's success in integrating its hardware and software has teased Microsoft and Google to take the same path by producing their own tablets. They want their own hardware, working like iPhone that has integrated App Store, Apple Pay, Apple Music, and Touch ID.

The PC World stated, "Microsoft's approach with Surface--designing the hardware in tandem with the software-is the same approach that Apple has taken for decades. And Apple's method is paying off--just look at the rise of the iPhone and iPad, and the success of the MacBook Air."

The Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer said, "We believe that any intersection between human and machine can be made better when all aspects of the experience--hardware and software--are considered in working together."

Meanwhile, the new Google tablet is manufactured by Asus, adding more lists on the other Google devices, including the Nexus phones. It seems that Google is serious in replicating Apple to bring its Android software and Google Play services straight to the customers.  

Apple's revenue from the iPhone is quite a success. According to 9TO5Mac, Apple gained $32 billion dollars revenue only from the iPhone during July to September sales. It was still higher than the $31 billion revenue Google received from Android in its lifetime.

The large difference clearly came from the Apple's thriving hardware business, which contributes more profits to the company. No wonder if both Microsoft and Google are trying to keep up with it.      

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