Spotify and Genius Collaboration: Displaying lyrics and facts on your screen

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Jan 18, 2016 06:45 AM EST

Spotify team up with Genius (previously known as Rap Genius) to provide a feature that enables users to show music lyrics, along with annotations of facts and meaning on their screen. According to Fortune, the partnership was first officially announced with the release of a special playlist on Tuesday. The playlist, titled Behind the Lyrics: Hip Hop, consists popular rap songs. 

The collaboration project, called Fact Tracks, works similarly with Genius. Genius Media Group Inc. has been providing users with their collection of song lyrics, along with their line-by-line interpretations and facts. 

Genius's annotations to the song lyrics are provided by users, and sometimes the artists. Selena Gomez is among other artists who once collaborate to give further facts and interpretations to their own music. At first, Genius started with rap music, but now have expanded to review and share pop music as well.

In their first playlist together, Spotify and Genius have showcased and worked with Pusha T, Tinashé, and Diplo. Although the collaboration's first playlist revolves around hip hop music, their second playlist together will be titled "Behind the Lyrics (HITS)", according to TIME.

By doing this, Spotify and Genius seek to provide a connection between the artists and their listeners. The collaboration encourages artists to take part in annotating their own music so that listeners can learn about the meaning and facts of the music they listen to and understand the song better.

Fact Tracks is often regarded as a match to  Apple Music's feature called Connect. They share the same idea to connect artists and listeners, but differs in the method. Apple Music's Connect shows feed of updates from the artists.

Previously, Spotify has also formed partnership with Musixmatch, in which Musixmatch provides lyrics for Spotify songs, says The Verge. But Spotify clarifies that their new partnership with Genius is complementary to their collaboration with Musixmatch, and they will still remain partners for the projects to come.

For now, Fact Tracks is only available for iOS and could only be installed on iPhone 5 and another Apple's newer devices. Non-iOS users could enjoy the service via the desktop version. A Spotify representative already confirmed that the company will provide the service for other platforms, but the date is yet to be announced.

Spotify and Genius are still working to develop their partnership. Genius announced to their community to stay tuned for exciting updates on how the two will create better and deeper music experiences for users. 

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