Snapchat introduces another new update

By Money Times

Nov 04, 2015 12:52 AM EST

Snapchat rolls out another new feature that will allow users to use slow-motion, fast-forward, and rewind to their videos. It is called "Speed Modifiers". Users can update to the new feature for free and it is available for both Android and iOS.

According to TechCrunch, adding any of the "Speed Modifiers" filters to the video is relatively easy as users just have to swipe sideways after shooting a video and the choose which filters to apply.

Users can apply as many filters as they like on the video as there is no limitation set by Snapchat.

Besides that, users can also apply Snapchat previous animation filters together with the new "Speed Modifiers" to allow them to be more creative.

Although with the addition of this new filters, Snapchat core feature where the snap will disappear after it once viewed is still there.

Besides that, Investors also reported that Snapchat will add a 3D touch capability, especially for iOS. However, the feature will only be compatible for iPhone 6S and 6S+ starting this Wednesday.

According to Engadget, to access this new feature soon, users just have to force pressing the home screen's Snapchat icon on their iPhone. After that, the apps will prompt users with two options either Chat With and Add Friends.

The ongoing update provided by Snapchat shows that the company is increasing their effort to ensure that its users keep coming back to the apps.

More creative content can be expected by snapchatters with this new filters as the company is making professional video editing become easier. Since Snapchat main revenue comes from advertising, it is easy to make sure users keeps coming back through the creative content.

On a related issue, currently there are lots of new apps introduced by giant tech company such as Twitter and Facebook that are set to compete with Snapchat.

Twitter has introduced two new video service which is Vine and Periscope to compete with the Snapchat. Its Vine video has garnered lots of attention that it even give birth to new Vine stars with a popularity that could rival YouTube's artist.

Facebook, on the other hand, introduced, a new feature for its profile picture page where it allows users to place a short video as a profile picture instead of the regular '.jpeg' picture.

Besides that, Facebook had also made an offer to acquire Snapchat back in 2013 however, Snapchat's founder rejected the offer.

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