Unifying the Digital Landscape: Cardware's End-to-End Platform for Modern Content Management

The digital ecosystem has evolved into a vast and intricate web of communication channels, data repositories, and content sources. While this digital sprawl has opened new avenues for interaction and information sharing, it has also given rise to a profound challenge—efficient content management in the face of overwhelming digital clutter.

Air AI: The AI Sales Agent You've Been Waiting For

If your company has a sales team, imagine a world where you never have to recruit another sales rep ever again, but you could have 100,000 sales reps at the tap of a button. A world where you never ha..

Could 5G's Emergence Supercharge the Excitement of Live-Streamed Events?

It makes sense, then, that businesses should take advantage of this new technology, particularly when it comes to live-streamed events. 5G can make these events much better for all involved, and that ..

Israel Antitrust Authority Opposed Acquisition of Golan Telecom

Cellcom Israel Ltd on Tuesday announced that regulators opposed its merger plan with Golan. However, Antitrust Authority will invite the companies representative to discuss the deal before making fina..

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Mobile Accessory Zagg Purchased Mophie For $100 Million, To Be The Best In Class Product
Mophie, the famous battery cases maker, is acquired by Zagg, its competitor in mobile accessories. The acquisition is believed to bring more benefits for both parties, as to be the best in class produ
China, India, and Thailand Are Among The Countries With Lesser Support for Global Innovation
The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) concluded the study based on 27 factors that bring both positive and negative impact towards global innovation. The study involved 56 countr
Firefox 44: Mozilla Introduced Updated Browser, Allows Push Notifications Even From Unloaded Sites
Mozilla has introduced a new version of its browser on Tuesday that allows push notifications even from unloaded sites. The new feature is super useful for websites like email, weather, social network
Viacom, CBS sued for prioritizing Sumner Redstone's interests over shareholders
E.F. Greenberg, representing other investors, sued Viacom, CBS, and some of their executives for prioritizing the interest of its 92-year-old executive chairman, Sumner Redstone, more than its shareho
Apple to build its first iOS Development Center in Europe
Apple is all set to build its first iOS development center in Europe. With Italy's Naples as the chosen location, the world's largest app seller plans to provide opportunities to the students of the c
Motorola Hits Market With Moto G3, The Most Budget Conscious Smart Phone
Motorola has unveiled its Moto G3 smart phone in July 2015 and now released in the market. The concept for making budget conscious smart phones has been attracted by other mobile giants including its
Australia to have 5G network by 2020 from Vodafone
Vodafone Group is confident that as soon as 5G wave hits the world in 2020, Australia will be among the first few countries to adopt this new-age technology. The mobile operator's priority goals incl
WhatsApp ditches $1 annual subscription fee, looks for other source of revenue
WhatsApp ditched its $1 annual subscription fee and instead will look for other means of income to pay the service to contact consumers.
Apple Finally Succeeds In Imposing Ban On Older Handsets Of Samsung
Apple has won a court verdict regarding trade banning on certain older Samsung handsets. The verdict has been appeared as a long cherished Apple appeal. But since the matter relates to smart phones, s
Amazon's Echo Smart Speakers Play Jeopardy Over Voice Commands
Amazon has recently updated its Echo Smart speaker. The added features include playing Jeopardy through voice commands. This trigger word makes the artificially intelligent in built smart speaker to r
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