AT&T, Intel Team Up to Test Drone Technology for 4G Drone Connectivity

By Staff Writer

Feb 22, 2016 03:15 AM EST

Generally speaking, for small drones to dominate the sky, they have to stop their reliance on Wi-Fi.  Usually, consumer drones need wireless network made by smart devices such as phone or tablets. AT&T and Intel will merge to test drone technology to integrate drones to its LTE data network.

AT&T reveals its exploration of how to link drones to its LTE data network. The revelation was made in Barcelona, Spain at the Mobile World Congress (MWC).  The connection would allow drones of long-distance flights and exchange conversation with infrastructure and other drones. This move for better connection between drones will be made possible in teaming up with Intel where plans of installing hardware in a number of drones are already set up, according to Popular Science

AT&T will work with the chipmaker Intel Corp. to test the efficacy of drones on its LTE network when it comes to higher altitudes and possible interference with airwaves belonging to areas like flight information and video streaming.  Intel has been heavily investing in drone technology and with the over-saturated US Wireless market, AT&T is waging on 'Internet of Things' for growth which is a new place for competition starting from Verizon Communications Inc. to Inc., as reported by Economic Times.

Drones made its mark as many consumers used it for amateur flying and businesses for delivering. Others used it for film-making, construction, and deliveries.  Mostly, drones use short-range signals such as Wi-Fi, radio waves or Bluetooth, CNET reports.

"We're using the network to transfer important information, images and video quickly and efficiently -- far beyond the boundaries of short-range connectivity," said Chris Penrose, who heads up connected devices for AT&T, in a statement.

AT&T is delving the effects of cellular activity addition and understands that there are many questions that will arise about long-range drones.  Intel will proudly display at the Mobile World Congress the Yuneec Typhoon H with its RealSense image-recognition technology.

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