The Use of Online Dating Services Is Increasing, According to Recent Research

A recent research shows that there is a significant increase in the use of online dating services, especially via mobile dating apps. There are also significant increases in two particular age groups, which is young adults and older adults between the age of 55-64 years old. Personal safety remains a major issue for online daters, but most still believe that the method is more efficient and help them find a better match.

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China, India, and Thailand Are Among The Countries With Lesser Support for Global Innovation

The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) concluded the study based on 27 factors that bring both positive and negative impact towards global innovation. The study involved 56 countries, whereas China stood at the 44th rank, Thailand the 53rd, followed by India. ITIF also noted that supporting global innovation is crucial for countries' economic growth.

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India would be the fastest-growing economy in 2016 according to UN report

The report estimated India's economic growth to be at 7.3 percent in 2016, and the growth would increase even more in 2017. India is already one of the world's fastest-growing economy last year, benefiting from the sharp decline of oil, metals, and food price.

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Major banks funding Bitcoin startup on recording blockchain deals

A bitcoin startup Digital Asset Holdings has received funding from major banks. It will work closely with investors on research and commercialization of bitcoin technology applications. Digital Asset said that it has raised over $50 million funding from 13 investors. The list of investors includes JPMorgan Chase & Com, Citigroup Inc, BNP Paribas SA, CME Group Inc and Accenture Plc.

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Major device makers including Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft were reportedly involved in child labor

The child labor reported is taking place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in cobalt mines. The estimation says that about 40,000 children are working for the mines. Companies listed in the report gave various responses following the accusations.

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Great Wall Motor car manufacturer launched R&D office in Japan

The company aims to establish other R&D offices overseas, especially in the United States and Europe. By doing that, they strive to deliver better quality and technology that could enter globat markets.

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PRESIOUS Project: The Scanner that Digitizes Archaeological Finds, Free to Use

The PRESIOUS project has developed software that will help archaeologists scan and analyze artifacts faster than traditional methods. It can simulate erosion, "find" missing pieces of an artifact, and predict the shape of a complete artifact.

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Higher yields is the reason why pension funds choose alternative investments

With a return of just 6.4% per year in traditional investment vehicles, a shortfall of 1.6%, many pension funds opt to invest in alternative options which promise higher returns.

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India will still become a super power - Visionaires

According to optimistic analysts, India is still on track to becoming the net super economy if only industrial houses continued to invest.

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Merger might be HTC's lifeline

Analysts believed that HTC's only way out of totally dying out is through a merger with another Chinese company.

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Feature phones, the key to Facebook's mobile success

According to analysts, the feature phone boosted Facebook's attempt to penetrate the mobile market.

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Don Mattrick attempts to revive Zynga

The social game developer's top executive conducted a study to pinpoint the company's weakest areas.

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The rise and fall of Microsoft

Analysts think that Microsoft can regain the throne, but only if restructuring and community policies were employed.

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India wants better research and development investments

To increase investments in the research and development sector of India, a government panel created new guidelines.

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Britain, auto industry to finance research amounting to US $1.5 billion

The UK government together with the auto industry is investing US $1.5 billion to fund research.

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