Regulatory Framework For Bitcoin Considered by the Philippine Central Bank

The Philippine central bank is now considering the digital currency regulation for them to protect consumers and this is also because of the rising numbers of the overseas filipino workers who are using bitcoin and other digital currencies.

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Miss World 2016

The candidate from the Philippines got the 4th place on the previous beauty pageant Miss World 2016

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China Returns U.S. Drone Taken In South China Sea

After the talks between China and the United States have been completed, the underwater drone seized by a Chinese naval ship in South China Sea will be returned to the U.S.

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Federal Regions In More Competitive Environment For Investment

Perry L. Pe, the president of the Management Association of the Philippines, said that businesses would thrive better if the government shifts to federalism. He said that the call of President Rodrigo Duterte to transition into a federalist form of government would promote regional competition and support the growth of investments.

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Duterte Opens Philippines To Foreign Investment

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte pledged to open the teleceommunications and energy sectors of the country to foreign investors. He also expressed his firm intention to combat corruption and pretectionism that hinders economic growth.

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Philippine preident sill in concern about Scarborough Shoal.

Philippine president still insist to China to let fishermen from the Philippines in Scarborough Shoal.

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Japan Has More Support Ready For Philippines Compared To China

Japan is making Philippines feel how reliable they are as it enters deal of maritime defense with Duterte's country.

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Philippines Renounces Military Deal With US

Philippines, through its President Rodrigo Duterte announced its separation from the US military defense support.

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China And Philiipines Opt To Set Exploration Deals

After dispute in the Scarborough Shoal, China and Philippines are opening both doors for good trade relationship.

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Possible Trade Partnership for China, Russia and Philippines, says Pres. Duterte

Despite territorial dispute, Philiipine Pres. Rudy Duterte announces posibble trade exchange with China and Russia.

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Alibaba Gets $1 Billion Stake Investment In Lazada

Alibaba is about to acquire Singaporean start-up Lazada for about $1 billion that was established by the German technology Rocket Internet. Existing shareholders including Tesco, AB Kinnevik and Rocket Internet will sell a portion of their shares to Alibaba.

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Ubisoft Managing Director Noticed Trust Established by Filipinos in Ubisoft Singapore, Expands Studios to the Philippines

Game developer Ubisoft is expanding its business to the Philippines and will be named Ubisoft Philippines. It will be headquartered in Sta. Rosa, Laguna which is a great geographical site. One reason for the move is the trust established by Filipino employees led by manager Chip Go that was being noticed by Ubisoft Managing Director Oliver de Rotalier.

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Key Challenges in Philippine's Trade and Investment Sectors

Nordic Business Council Philippines (NBCP) issued its 2016 annual report on Philippine and challenges in the trade and investment sectors. Meanwhile the Central Bank expected a strong growth in the economy.

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Northern Mindanao upbeat on investments in 2016

Northern Mindanao is a region in the Philippines and has five provinces. The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) completed more than 717 infrastructure projects early this year at an investment of PHP 18.7 billion.

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Auction For Marcos’ Jewelry Collection Appears To Be An Electoral Propaganda By Philippine President

The Philippine government has assigned the PCGG to recover ill-gotten wealth of former dictator President Marcos. The commission has announced on Friday exhibition and auction of a jewelry collection allegedly owned by Marcos and family. PCGG has revealed that the collection to be offered for auction has been appraised for at least ₱1 billion ($21 Million).

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