Kanye West is Falling Apart without Kim Kardashian

Rapper artist Kanye West feels nothing without his wife Kim Kardashian West which had begun during a robbery in Paris.

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Paris Hilton News, Updates And Rumours: Reveals She Voted For Trump

Paris Hilton voted for Trump.

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Collaboration to Attain Paris Goals

The cities, town, and regions will join force to attain the Paris Agreement and will be focusing on urban areas first.

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Airbnb Features Free Night Stay Inside A Shark Tank's Underwater Bedroom

Airbnb is offering something adventurous for those who are lion-hearted. Sleeping beside sharks is really a thrilling experience and also a scary one. Airbnb offers this exhilirating night stay adventure for free provided you tell something about yourself and the main reason why you should be chosen as the lucky recipient.

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France Emerged as Booming Tech Landscape, Startups Raised Almost 1 Billion Euros in 2015

French tech startups managed to secure almost 1 billion euros in funding last year, establishing the country’s place in the European tech landscape. Most investments were still made by domestic investors, although there are prominent foreign investors involved in big fundings.

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Over 366 tonnes of gold returned to Germany from New York and Paris

Under a supposed repatriation program, Germany is bringing back its gold reserves from the vaults of Paris and New York. Germany had stored all its bullion overseas fearing a Soviet Union attack during the Cold War. Till date, the Deutsche Bundesbank has managed to get around 366 tons to Frankfurt, which is almost half of the total reserve of 674 tons that it plans to repatriate by 2020.

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1957 Ferrari expected to break world record at Paris auction

The extraordinary high price was due to its extensive race history, which includes a world championship title. The supercar is expected to sell for more than $34 million in Retromobile Classic Car show in Paris, one of the most prestigious salons for car enthusiasts.

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The Biggest Twitter Moments Of 2015

Twitter, a kind of real time pulse tracking the events as they happen where people from around the gather in moments of triumph, activism, support and fascination to express their views, have revealed the most popular tweets of 2015. The hashtag # JeSuisParis, used to show solidarity with the French capital in the wake of its second terrorist attack, marked the most talked-about moment of the year.

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Cat Photos Show Solidarity for Citizens in Brussels

Police and armed forces are still searching for one Islamic State terrorist suspect and his accomplices in Brussels. Citizens cooperate with police to stop sharing information via Twitter, they shared photos of cat with #Brusselslockdown hashtag in Twitter.

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New York Governor’s Praiseworthy Effort to Stop Terrorism through ‘See Something, Send Something’ App

In order to strengthen New York's ability to fight with ever-rising terrorism, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has taken strong measures. He has announced two exceptional efforts including latest terrorism preventing 'See Something, Send Something' app to help and put an end to terrorism.

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Eiffel Tower and Other Famous Tourist Attractions Closed Until Further Notice After Paris Attack

Eiffel Tower is closed for an indefinite period of time after the bloody Paris attack on Friday, Nov.13 that killed at least 129 people. The announcement was made by the operator on Saturday.

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US and European Stock Slid After Paris Attack; Market Shows Growing Resilience

After a Paris devastating terror attack by Islamic State on Friday night, global market reacted to the event. US and European stock slid slightly, and so are markets in other parts of the world. However, global market resilience have increased to show their strength against terrrorism.

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These 10 cities consider short work hours as source of pride

In America, employees work an average of almost 47 hours a week and rather choose to have more flexible time on the job than less time. Normally a full-time employee works 40 hours or more in a week but at some Swedish firms, work period is cut to 30 hours. Studies showed that lesser hours of work makes employees more productive and promotes better morale, according to CNN Money.

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France passes law to open up Sunday shopping

France's lower house of parliament approved a law on Saturday letting shops open more often on Sundays, the latest measure in the government's pro-growth bill intended to lift the sluggish economy.

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For French investors, a Euro Disney nightmare

When Edith Zemirou bought Euro Disney stock two decades ago, she expected a decent return and her own small share in Mickey Mouse magic.

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