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Uber To Release A New App For Lifestyle Tracking

Uber is known for accurately delivering people from point A to point B with less of a hassle. Now, the app has upgraded and is now aiming to make itself an essential part of the users’ kind of living.

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New App Enables Singaporeans To Buy Products From Bangkok

Shopaholics in Singapore can now get ease with the burden of traffic and large crowd as a new app allows them to have a hassle-free Bangkok shopping experience.

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NutriRay3D app can scan food to count calorie content, still raising $50,000 worth of funding

A new app called Nutriray3D lets users to scan their food to determine calorie and nutrient count, but the company is still raising $50,000-worth of funds.

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Skype to add free group video calls to its mobile apps

Skype has finally announced the addition of its long-awaited feature - free group video calls. This will be available for all Android, Windows and iOS mobile phones. The application is said to support around 25 participants in a group video call.

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Twitter and Periscope integrates, broadcast videos autoplayed

Periscope's broadcast videos can now be played directly in Twitter's app. But the change is yet to be made in Twitter's Moments.

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Blurrt co-founder traces the demise of the mobile app

Blurtt's Jeanette Cajide traced the demise of the startup she co-founded in a TechCrunch post. Blurtt is a mobile application that enables users to craft their own digital expressions, personalize the message and send to others.

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Google Hangouts transition to 720p HD video

Google told GigaOm that the internet company has been leaning to standardize the video chat feature of Hangouts to 720p HD.

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