Twitter-Periscope Integration: Periscope broadcast videos now autoplays in Twitter

By Staff Writer

Jan 18, 2016 05:44 AM EST

Twitter's own Periscope is now live streaming videos within Twitter main app. Periscope videos will play directly in Twitter's feed without having to switch for Periscope's main app. 

According to The Guardian, the videos from Periscope will be on auto-play in Twitter, similarly with Twitter's Vines, pre-recorded video or gifs. Previously, users have to tap the broadcast's link to redirect them to the Periscope main app, but now tapping on the videos will show them in full screen, along with comments and hearts from viewers. 

For now, this feature is only available on iPhones and iPads. The changes will be available in the last update of Twitter for iOS. As for other platforms, Twitter is now still working on the Android and web version.

Although viewers can now watch the video broadcast straight from Twitter, users will still have to switch to Periscope app to comment of send hearts. Twitter viewers can interact with the broadcast the same way they can with regular tweets. It can be retweeted, replied to, and liked directly within Twitter, as reviewed by The Verge.

Periscope is launched by Twitter last year, as a channel to broadcast video live. Until now, Periscope had been totally separate from Twitter's app service, which had been regarded as a problem and an inefficient move.

The integration, even though seemed simple, brought some significant changes for both app's users. Because Periscope limit their comment section for one broadcast video to not more than 100 comments, the ability to view the video in other channel means that broadcasters can receive more response from viewers. 

Other than that, now broadcasters don't have to struggle to build a brand new audience base in Periscope app. It's because their Twitter followers can now directly enjoy broadcast videos through their Twitter feeds without having to register a Periscope account.

According to Fortune, Periscope made a big buzz at the SxSW tech festival not long after it's launched. The app helped introduce and popularize personal live streaming, along with rival Meerkat which is launched a few weeks earlier. Twitter says, Periscope users have already created more than 100 million video broadcasts since its debut nine months ago.P

Twitter's other medium, Moments, is yet to receive the same change. But it's possible that Twitter would lean towards integrating Periscope videos into Moments as well. Some regarded this move by Twitter as an effort to save the company's market, as well as to contend with competitors; Facebook to Twitter, and Meerkat to Periscope.

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