Microsoft tops expectations, shares jump

Microsoft has revealed its quarterly earnings which have surpassed all forecasts and expectations. Its transition from PC platoform to cloud has been successsful as more and more companies are opting for this service. The leaders are quite confident about company growth and revealed their expectations from third-quarter which show some pretty optimistic numbers.

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Microsoft Q2 profit beats analysts' view on Cloud Product Power

Microsoft Corp said its quarterly profit beat analysts' view, propelled by mounting demand for its cloud products. Quarterly net income, on an adjusted basis, amounted to $6.3 billion, up from $5.8 billion in the same period last year.

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Microsoft launches News App Pro for iOS

Microsoft today unveiled a news application aimed at iOS users that is similar to Apple built in news app. However, the app is currently only available for the United States users.

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Following Hardware Business, Microsoft And Google Find It Hard To Be Like Apple

Microsoft and Google find it difficult to follow Apple. The two companies are starting to produce their own hardware, which unfortunately are still far from what Apple has. Microsoft is criticized for its Surface Book Laptop, while Google has received hard reviews on its Google Pixel C tablet. It seems that Microsoft and Google are following Apple in the hardware business.

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Social Network Facebook to construct second data center in Ireland

Facebook announced its plan to open the second data center in Clonee, Ireland. By opening the Clonee center, the company is joining a list of companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon, which operate some of the European centers in the nation.

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Skype Android update comes with new features, schedule calls and open files

Skype aims to help users be more productive with the two new features for Skype for Android. With these new features, users can easily schedule calls and open Office files. Microsoft has been improving their apps, including its popular Skype to perform better in various platforms.

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Microsoft To Offer Voluntary Replacement of AC Power Cable For Surface Pro Tablets

The AC power cables linked to Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablets of selective three generations pose fire risks due to overheating. Though a limited number of overheating issues have been reported, Microsoft is taking no risks and going to recall for a global voluntary replacement. Details on replacement procedure will be furnished in the Microsoft website sometimes later this week, possibly on Friday.

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Major device makers including Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft were reportedly involved in child labor

The child labor reported is taking place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in cobalt mines. The estimation says that about 40,000 children are working for the mines. Companies listed in the report gave various responses following the accusations.

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Microsoft will Launch Lumia 650 on 1 February 2016

Microsoft is reportedly gearing up to launch its third and final Lumia handset on 1 February in the form of the cheap and cheerful Lumia 650.

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Microsoft Turning End To Lumia Era Through Lumia 650, Focusing On Surface Phone

Microsoft is probably going to bury the business with Lumia handsets and going to introduce the last smart phone by February, the Lumia 650. The Lumia 750 and 850 are still in line, but the tech giant intends to concentrate on surface phone. Burying the “Lumia” name, most likely means Microsoft has something else in mind for the near future.

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PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Sales hit record in 2015

Both the game consoles made more money than any of their predecessors in 2015. PlayStation 4 came out as the winner with more sales than Xbox One in the year's total.

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Microsoft Works To Improve Poor Battery Life of HoloLens, Its First Augmented Reality (AR) Product

Microsoft has started to display HoloLens, its first AR product at its flagship stores in New York. Unlike similar products developed by other competitors, the WiFi device has a very poor battery life. The tech giant is working to transform the device devoid of such shortcomings and expects to make it available in the first quarter of the current year.

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Skype to add free group video calls to its mobile apps

Skype has finally announced the addition of its long-awaited feature - free group video calls. This will be available for all Android, Windows and iOS mobile phones. The application is said to support around 25 participants in a group video call.

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Microsoft to bring Windows Word Flow keyboard to iPhone

Microsoft is planning to bring its Windows Phone keyboard Word Flow to the iPhone, and is now recruiting iPhone users to test a beta version of the software.

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Microsoft withdrew support for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10

Microsoft is finally moving on from Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10, with exceptions of certain aging Windows updates. The software giant has rolled out the Edge, an improved version of the Explorer, and urges its users to make the switch swiftly, for a continued and, most importantly, secure relationship.

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