Apple will not release Mac-iPad hybrid: Tim Cook

Apple's CEO Tim Cook said that he has no plans to converge iPad and Macbook hardware lines into a hybrid device. He said that the death of computers such as the Mac was imminent and there would be a market for such traditional PCs for the foreseeable future.

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Microsoft joins forces with Brooklyn start-up ConsensYs to launch cloud-based blockchain platform

Microsoft teams up with Brooklyn-based start-up ConsensYs and launched Tuesday a cloud-based blockchain platform that lets financial firms experiment on bitcoin in a cheap and easy manner.

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Nvidia launches Jetson TX1 for AI powered devices

The GPU-centric company Nvidia announced a new developer module called Jetson TX1 with an emphasis on machine learning to equip boards, drones, robotics, and other devices. The piece of machine learning hardware is described to be the size of a credit card.

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U.K. unveils new bill that will allow internet surveillance by the government

Britain has unveiled new surveillance law plans that will allow the police and security services to access the records of internet activity of everyone in the country without any judicial check. The new surveillance powers aimed to keep the country safe.

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Windows 10 Market Share Increased by 7.94 in October

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 increased its market share by 7.94 percent in October from 6.63 percent in September. Ubergizmo has reported that one of the major reasons for the growth in the company's market share is the fact that people who use a genuine older version of Windows can upgrade their operating system to Windows 10 for free.

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Cross-border technology sharing with Chinese firms worries US defense experts

The technology tie-ups between the US technology giants and Chinese firms have become a center of debate as the close business relations have under current exposure to sensitive defense technology. Security analysts express their concern about possible harm to the national security of the US. In association with US technology firms, Chinese companies are becoming self-reliant in defense technology triggering the alarm bells for the US national security.

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Microsoft Band 2: You must sweat the small stuff

Microsoft has launched the second generation of the company's smart health tracker, Microsoft Band 2. Firstly announced at Microsoft's event earlier this month, the device is now available in the US store and will be available in the UK on November 19.

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Microsoft Announces Arrow Launcher for Android

Microsoft officially anounced its Arrow launcher for Android. A customization application that enable Android users to modify how their device look and behave. The application is now officially available for download in Android Google Play.

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Microsoft Focus on Cloud Service Raise Its Third Quarter Revenue

Microsoft, a software giant has started to see their new strategy focus is paying off, as they announced their latest quarterly result, last Thursday. Strategy shifting on cloud computing and mobile business has started to deliver a positive result.

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Retail War: Microsoft built its first flagship store near Apple's Cube in Fifth Avenue

Microsoft launches its first flagship store in New York City. The tech giant will also sell all of its latest devices in the store, including the Surface 4 and the Surface Book laptop-tablet.

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President of Indonesia to Visit Silicon Valley’s tech giants on US trip

Indonesian president is scheduled to visit US's giant tech companies during his first trip in the United States. The trip will start on October 26 and it will be a five-day trip full of bilateral business agenda.

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Microsoft announces latest update and HoloLens tour

Microsoft announces that the company will start its US tour for the HoloLens starting this October. The HoloLens which was first introduced to the audience back in January this year saw users will have the ability to incorporate hologram with the real world unlike the virtual reality program.

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US firms stash $2.1tn overseas to skip tax at home

The US companies are keeping their profits made overseas out of the homeland in order to avoid taxes. It's estimated that 500 large US companies are holding over $2.1 trillion accumulated profits overseas to avoid taxes. These companies have to shell out $620billion by paying US taxes to repatriate the funds.

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AI startup Perceptio acquired by Apple

Apple Inc. confirmed today that its company had acquired a startup technology company call Perceptio. The detail of the acquisition is not made public as told by Apple spokesman to Bloomberg.

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Microsoft and Google end law dispute, to work together

The five-years patent lawsuit battle between Microsoft and Google had finally come to an end after both companies agreed to drop the lawsuit for an undisclosed amount. The announcement was made by in a joint statement from the two companies.

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