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Lab Tests Show That Jessica Alba's Honest Detergent Contains a Significant Amount of SLS Chemicals It Claimed to Never Use

Jessica Alba’s Honest Company is facing allegations of using harsh chemicals it claimed to never use. Two test labs initiated by the Wall Street Journal showed a significant amount of the chemical SLS, but the company strongly denied using the chemical in manufacturing.

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Jessica Alba's Honest Company was Accused for Deceptive Labeling

Honest Co was accused for a fraudulent labeling in its home and personal care products. The plaintiffs claim that more than 40 of its products contained chemical and toxic ingredients.

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Jessica Alba's The Honest Company grants a 16-week paid maternity leave to its employees

Jessica Alba's The Honest Company will offer paid parental leave starting next year. Mothers would be entitled to 16 weeks maternity leave and fathers could access leave for 8 weeks. Paternity leave also comes with another 8-week extension without pay.

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Jessica Alba's Honest Company Faces Lawsuit for Allegedly being "Dishonest" on its "Natural" Products

Jessica Alba's non-toxic household and beauty products business, The Honest Company, is being sued for "dishonesty." Jonathan Rubin filed a class action suit in the federal court of California against Alba's company for allegedly making false claims that their products are "natural." He also said some of the products weren't effective. Some of the products the lawsuit targeted included dish soaps, surface cleaners, nappies, and the company's sunscreen. Rubin claims that some of those products have synthetic chemicals, making them not "natural" as reported by International Business Times.

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Jessica Alba's The Honest Company raises USD25 million in funding

The USD25 million funding Jessica Alba's The Honest Company had raised would go towards implementing its growth plans, including a potential expansion in the Canadian market.

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