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China Seeks Foreign Oil Supplies As Demand Surges

China Soon To Be The World's Greatest Crude Importer This Year, Enhancing More Investment In The Energy Industry

China is predicted to be the world's largest crude importer, replacing the U.S. This is also as a result the new policy made by the government in allowing smaller refineries import and process their own crude.

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Scenes Of India

India Focuses On Mitigating Impact Of Slow Economy In China, Heading To Be The Fastest Growing Country In Asia To Grow Faster

India remains stand out despite the slowing down China's economy, which has caused large impacts to the global economy. India is predicted to be the fastest-growing country in the world this year. Some impacts should be faced by the Indian export markets. However, India keeps focusing on the actions that can improve the economy growth.

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Ronnie Chan, chairman of the Hang Lung Group Ltd., gestures

Hang Lung’s chief confident about Hong Kong property market being ‘healthiest’ in 25 years

In the face of declining home prices, as evident from the last quarter, the chairman of Hang Lung Group, Hong Kong's leading developer, expressed that the city property market is now more robust than it has ever been in the last 25 years.

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China Allocates More Financial Support For Farmers

ChemChina plans to take over Syngenta

Previously, the company has also purchased German's KraussMaffei Group. Also, Chinese companies investment overseas is growing.

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Beijing's Daily Life

China Still Holds Seven Human Rights Lawyers Over Subversion

After a massive activism crackdown in July 2015, at least seven human rights lawyers were still in custody. One of them is founder Beijing Law Firm Fengrui, and the other lawyers are employees of the law firm. They are most likely to face trial for the subversion accusation.

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China Plays Cat and Mouse With Vietnam Coast Guard on Rig

After Test Flights In Spratly, China Intends Regular Flights From Woody Islands, Invites For Private Investments

China has been claiming most of the potentially oil- gas enriched islands located in the South China Sea region. Moreover, naval routes of this region are extremely important for passage of huge trade consignments. These factors have allured China to take control over the zone. But Chinese efforts in this regard are creating tensions among its neighboring countries, also claimant for the disputed islands.

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Indian IT Industry Moves Into The Consumer Market

China's Baidu to invest in Indian e-comerrce startups

The top online search engine already had the initial discussions with the three Indian startups. Baidu seeks to expand to India due to growing online population and internet user.

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Great Wall Motor Opens New Production Line

Great Wall Motor car manufacturer launched R&D office in Japan

The company aims to establish other R&D offices overseas, especially in the United States and Europe. By doing that, they strive to deliver better quality and technology that could enter globat markets.

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Caofeidian - Chinese Ghost City

China’s Iron Ore import to Increase as Price Hammered in December

Chinese iron ore imports rose to a record-high in December, suggesting that demand from the world’s largest consumer remains robust. The enormous increase coincided with signs of continued inventory restocking at chinese ports.

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North Korean Nuclear Test. Figure 8B. Main Support Area on January 6, 2016.

China Searches For Radiation Symptom over 500 NK Bordering Residents

Socialist democratic China historically backs socialist North Korea in latter’s economic and political missions. North Korea has announced successful testing of hydrogen bomb on Wednesday last. Long time friend China this time joins the US fearing regional destabilization through the neighbor’s dreadful nuke tests.

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China Daily Life - Economy

Ways to Improve China's Slowing Economy

China is undergoing a range of economic difficulties that has slowed the entire country's economy. From fixing the falling currency value to getting more people to spend, here are some possible solutions.

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China Stock Markets Remain Volatile Amid Economy Fears

China's Slowdown: Hints of the Brink of a Global Disaster?

China's slowdown has caused negative effects in businesses and countries around the world that financially depend on a large chunk of business with the Asian country. China must transition into a consumer drive economy in order to grow in the future, but the steps necessary to do so are complicating their international partnerships.

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Jack Lew Discusses Redesign Of $10 Bill At Town Hall

Treasuries fell as markets discount China concerns

US Treasuries dropped for the first time in seven days as China concerns eased. The unexpected depreciation of Yuan by China's central bank sent shock waves across the global markets. This triggered selloff in equities and forced investors towards safe havens such as treasuries and gold.

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Latest Consumer Technology Products On Display At CES 2016

Chinese Startups Showing Major Innovation and Potential at CES 2016

The Chinese startups showing off their products at CES this year demonstrated the large amount of innovations being created in the country. The companies debuted impressive smartphones, car-smartphone integrations, and giant helicopter-like drones.

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Reaction as North Korea Says It Successfully Tested First Hydrogen Bomb

South Korea and China to Cooperate in Disarming North Korean Nuclear Weapon

China seeks to disarm North Korea nuclear weapon. Beijing has initiated dialogue with South Korea after North Korean conducted its fourth nuclear test on Wednesday.

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