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Zombie Factories In China's Steel Belt

China Factories Are Getting Abandoned, Leaving Countless Workers Laid Off

Many Chinese factories are being abandoned due to the downturn in the country. This has caused millions of workers unemployed, and many of the remaining workers should have their salaries cut.

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Record Money Goes To Bank Of China

People's Bank of China Inject 340 billion yuan into the financial system

China’s central bank, the People's Bank of China is putting the largest amount of cash into the financial system in nearly three years which is around 340 billion yuan. The move was done as the bank is preparing for lots of cash out as it is nearing the Lunar New Year.

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Automotive Sales At Toyota Motor Corp. Dealership As Putin Announces 'Economic Liberalisation'

Toyota plans to take over the rest of Daihatsu

Toyota Motor is seriously contemplating a buyout of Daihatsu Motor Co., which would give the company direct access to Daihatsu’s 660 cc mini vehicles. This investment would fetch Toyota great returns in the emerging markets and also enable leveraging of the low-cost production model that has long been Daihatsu’s competitive advantage.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping meets his Iranian counterpart Rouhani in Tehran

China and Iran Agreed to Expand Trade and Bilateral Cooperation

China's President Xi Jinping and his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani enter a new era of cooperation between two countries. In their meeting on Saturday, both countries agreed to expand trade to $600 billion in the next 10 years and bilateral cooperation.

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Plunging commodities saves China $460 billion a year

China has emerged a winner against crashing commodity prices and recorded a benefit of $460 billion this year. Out of this windfall, $320 came from cheaper oil prices alone and the remaining $140 billion from other commodities like energy, metal, and agricultural items.

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Gov. Brown Signs Legislation At Google HQ That Allows Testing Of Autonomous Vehicles

Baidu is Determined to Enter the Markets of Autonomous Cars

The statement came from Baidu's senior vice president Wang Jing. He believes that Baidu has some advantage over other car makers, especially local knowledge. The company has already invested a lot in the development of AI, that could help the development of autonomous cars.

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Several people using their mobile phones

Walkie-Talkie Voice Messaging App Roger Lands $1M Led by Social Capital

Roger's walkie-talkie style voice messaging app that launched in 2015 gets a financial backing of $1 million from Social Capital. The new feature was created by ex-Spotify employees, Ricardo Vice Santos and Andreas Blixt, who have done complete justice to the phrase 'selling old wine in new bottle'. In the current scenario where voice messaging is no longer a novelty, Roger hopes to tap the market outside Asia where people are still stuck with texting, and win them with its simple, three-button structure.

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Automakers Showcase New Models At New York International Auto Show

GM And Chinese Coportation Open Cadillac Plant in China To Woo Luxury Market

GM with its main Chinese partner have opened a Cadillac plant in Shanghai on Thursday, 21 Jan 2016 to take advantage of the potential growth in the overcrowded luxury market of China. Cadillac plant has capacity to produce 160,000 vehicles annually. Cadillac believe the luxury car market offer a lot margin opportunity notwithstanding pressure in pricing. Shares of GM have been reported trading on NYSE higher by more than 1 percent on Thursday.

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Shanghai Composite Index Declines Below 3,000 Points On Wednesday

Capital drains from emerging markets

Capital outflows from developing markets were higher than it was anticipated last year, according to a report by Institute of International Finance. The reason behind this oceanic change in emerging markets cash flow is China, which dragged out 676 billion US dollar.

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China Scraps Yuan Peg To US dollar

China's central bank reveals plan to launch digita currency

The timeframe to this plan is still unknown, but the central bank claims that the process has been going on since 2014. China has stated some benefits for having a digital currency in their financial system, including transparency, digital track-recording, as well as reducing transaction costs. Bitcoin, a global digital currency, gained popularity in China in 2013 but has also brought some controversies about the risks.

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Sharp Said to Favor INCJ's Rescue Plan Over Higher Foxconn Offer

China's Foxconn overrides Japan's Innovation Network Corp. over Sharp bid

Foxconn has put forth a highly tempting offer of over $5 billion in front of the almost-bankrupt Sharp Corp, which well exceeds its current valuation at $1.8 billion. The other potential buyer, Innovation Network Corp. of Japan, who was already very confident, is not so sure of a win right now. Foxconn's bid amount not only surpasses Innovation's $2.5 billion, the Taiwanese firm has also offered to absorb all of Sharp's debts and not make any top management replacements. While the board does not want their Japanese seller to fall under any kind of foreign control, the decision needs to be based purely on deal economics and not political considerations.

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Global Markets React To Chinese Stocks Plunge

U.S companies are concerned about regulations, economic growth and other factors

The survey revealed that one of the top concerns defining most U.S companies' tough times doing business in China is uncertain regulations that they perceived as unwelcoming to foreign companies. The slowing of China's economic growth also remains a concern, along with rising labor costs, censorship, and air pollution. However, China is still most foreign countries' investment priority among other markets.

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China issues red alert for smog in 10 cities

China air pollution lessened by 10% last year, says Greenpeace

Amidst intense smog, China still came out with a 10% decrease in air pollution in 2015. The numbers indicate a direct fall in the consumption of coal. However, despite the small improvement, the situation is still pretty grim as the country, which is home to a host of coal power plants, has now taken the top spot for emitting greenhouse gases. The 'red-alert' situation this winter should be a wake-up call for the government to now take drastic measures to curb the sources of air pollutants.

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China got $37 bln in Venture Capital deals in 2015, makes it legitimate contender to tech industry leader US

Venture capitalist poured a total of $37 billion worth of funds to start-ups in China in 2015, making it the biggest challenger to the leader in the Tech industry, which is the US.

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Shenzhen One Of The Fastest Growing Cities In The World

China house-pricing rose in 39 cities

The authorities expect more easing measures to help reducing home inventory excess. Developers are also encouraged to change marketing rules and reduce home prices as China's property investment growth hit the lowest rate since 2009.

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