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Venture Capital Funding for Fintech Startup Reached $13.8 Billion in 2015

Global venture capital funding for financial technology companies hit $13.8 billion last year. The number is a double from previous year, indicating a serious impact of fintech to the financial services.

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Depriving Banks & Insurances, VC Backed Fintech Startups $13.8 Billion Funding In 2015

Venture capitalization has appeared as an investment industry rival for banks and insurances. The new trend of raising capital has become much more popular for fintech startups during 2015 while raising $13.8 billion in funding. The raised fund appears just double compared to that in previous year and expected to grow significantly also in 2016.

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Some Tech Startups Will Be Rabbits in 2016, Said Venture Capital Analyst

Unicorn is a term defining a startup company with over $1 billion valuation. Now, there will be other group of tech startups defined as "rabbit" to differentiate them from unicorns-overhype that become unicorpse.

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Most startups die 20 months after last funding round -research

New York-based research gathered data on startup death and found out that half of early-stage firms die before raising $1 million and that most startups last 20 months after their last funding round.

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US software maker Zendesk to launch IPO in 2014

San Francisco, California-based customer-tracking software maker Zendesk has sought the services of Goldman Sachs to lead a potential initial public offering (IPO) set later this year.

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590 venture-backed US companies could be IPO candidates next year - report

Research firm CB Insights revealed in its latest report that IPO activity will most likely be the most active in the technology sector as over 500 companies have healthy trajectories and high valuations.

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Venture capitalists invest in startups related to Bitcoin

According to a Reuters report, venture capitalists showed no signs of shying away from startup investments related to Bitcoin even as authorities increased scrutiny among numerous virtual currency firms.

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VC reached US$1.3 billion in New York

Venture capital reached US$1.3 billion in New York.

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