Jeff Bezos buys the Washington Post

The Washington Post announced that Jeff Bezos had acquired the newspaper for US$250 million in cash.

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD coming this fall

Amazon Kindle Fire HD will be launching this coming fall.

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Amazon conducts massive recruitment before Obama comes to visit

Amazon's hiring spree aimed to fill up more than 5,000 full-time jobs before Obama's visit on Tuesday.

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Is Amazon becoming a search engine for jobs in America?

Amazon seemed like it was becoming a search engine for jobs in America.

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Amazon redeems itself, rides high on mobile internet shift

Amazon redeemed itself and rode high on top of the mobile internet shift.

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Chromecast sold out hours after announcement

Chromecast quickly sold out in a matter of hours after its announcement.

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Amazon's report will include 13% to 26% growth from 2013's Q2

Amazon was expected to release a report that would signify growth ranging from US$14.5 billion to US$16.2 billion.

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Amazon Builds Grocery Business from Webvan Ashes

Amazon took over Webvan, an online grocery firm, twelve years after being shut down.

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German Book Retailers Fight Back

German book retailers join forces to capture larger share in German ebook market.

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