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Sweat with Kayla app charges exorbitantly: fans are furious

Fitness trainer and guru overcharge numerous die hard fitness fans for using the app. Fans become furious over high prices and horrendous cancellation process.

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Lead Contamination Ohio Water: EPA Smells Falsified Report, Suggests Criminal Investigation

Presence of lead beyond acceptable has plagued Ohio and as the aftermaths, the schools of this remain closed for the straight 3rd day. Before Ohio, Michigan has reported tumbled with the same issue. But after conduction of investigation, the Ohio EPA strongly believes that the operator in water treatment plant of Sebring village has presented falsified test reports. The agency has sought legal assistance from the US EPA’s Criminal Investigation Division.

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Obesity in Children Increased Dramatically, WHO Seeks Political Commitment In Tackling The Issue

Childhood obesity has increased drastically worldwide and WHO seeks political involvement in handling the issue. About 48% of obese and overweight children aged 5 and below reportedly belong to Asia and Africa.

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What will be the 'Uber of Healthcare'?

The healthcare industry has yet to see a service that could completely change the industry similar to how Uber and Airbnb change their respective industries. Industry professionals give their opinion on what could become the big game-changer for the healthcare industry.

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Zika Virus Outbreak Is Less Likely In The US: Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Are Released In Brazil To Combat Infection

Zika virus outbreak is taking a toll on many countries around the world including Brazil which has raised concerns on the spread of infection among US population as well. Oxitec, a british company is set to release GM mosquitoes to contain the insect population in Brazil.

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Ebola Vaccine Will Now Be Available As Gavi Signed $5 Million Deal To Prevent Future Outbreaks, Commits Merck To Keep 300,000 Vaccines Ready

Gavi, a world vaccine alliance, has made a $5 million deal with Merck regarding vaccine supply for future outbreaks. Merck has to provide 300,000 vaccines as a preparation to protect people from the next Ebola crisis.

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French Foie Gras Production Heavily Hit by Threats of Bird Flu

The French foie gras industry is forced to pause production of the delicacy until all farms are cleaned and disinfected. The new safety measures come from the discovery of the H5N1 virus found in a farm in southwest France.

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India anti-narcotics agencies busted 8 party drug manufacturers

The raiding of the party drug factories unravels that the drugs didn't come from foreign countries but instead being manufactured in India. The factories already have the license to manufacture drugs but were misusing the license to produce party drugs. Next, the agencies will trace back where the basic chemicals for the mass production of the party drug are originated.

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Greatist raises $4.5 million to develop Millennial health site

Greatist has raised 4.5 million US dollar in Series A round. The company will utilize the funds to add more staffs, on the advertising department, to create additional custom programs like events and original content, according to Derek Flanzraich, CEO of Greatist.

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Freshii to Help Consumers Through 'These Dark Hours' as Chipotle Closes Stores Nationwide for Employee Meeting

Chipotle will close their stores across the country on February 8 for a few hours so that corporate officials can discuss the new steps the company is taking about food safety. The chain has been hit by frequent outbreaks of food-borne illnesses in the past year, with the cause not yet announced.

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Trader Joe's recalls Raw Cashew Pieces over fear of salmonella contamination

Trader Joe’s recalled all its Raw Cashew Pieces in stores in 30 states on fears of one group may have Salmonella contamination.

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Researchers Build QUIPP, Smartphone App To Identify Premature Birth Risk

Researchers from King's College in London have successfully developed an app to predict risk of premature birth. The app has been tested in two studies and is now available at Apple's App Store.

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Michigan reports 10 deaths due to Legionnaire's disease as lead-contaminated drinking water infects Flint

Michigan county officials declared a state of emergency due to the increasing cases of Legionnaires' disease over the past year amidst the growing concern over the area’s water supply.

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Italian Health Authorities Instituted Refund for Ineffective Cancer Treatment

Italian Medicine Agency has formulated an advanced strategies in drug spending. The agency has developed an innovative deal with pharmaceutical companies to institute a refund for ineffective medicinal treatment.

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Takeda Pharmaceutical Expand Better Market Overseas

Takeda is a global pharmaceutical founded by Chobei Takeda I in 1781 in Osaka, Japan. The company focus on innovative medicine in gastroenterenterology, cardiovascular and metabolic, as well vaccine.

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