Queen's Music Catalog To Be Purchased by Sony; Electronics Giant In Talks With Investor To Make Billion-Dollar Acquisition

Sony wants to purchase Queen's music catalog. The electronics giant is willing to pay $1 billion to acquire it.

Anglo American Turns Down BHP’s $49 Billion Takeover Extension Request

Anglo American's rejection of BHP Group's bid to extend discussions on a proposed $49 billion takeover suggests a potential impasse as the deadline nears, impacting the mining industry and leaving the..

Adam Neumann Withdraws $500 Million Offer to Buy Back WeWork

WeWork founder Adam Neumann has withdrawn his multi-million dollar offer to buy back the bankrupt firm...

Royal Mail and Anglo American Prepare for Foreign Takeovers by Czech Billionaire and Australia's BHP

Shareholders of Royal Mail's IDS and mining company Anglo American are bracing for final takeover offers, which could lead to possible foreign ownership of these UK firms...

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EU Alleging Facebook For WhatsApp Deal Misleading
European Officials Accuse Facebook of Misleading Them on WhatsApp Deal
Clay Buchholz Deals With Red Sox For Phillies Minor Leaguer
Red Sox deal Clay Buchholz to Phillies for minor leaguer
Volkswagen Caught In $1B Deal For Diesel Cars Emissions Scandal
Volkswagen reaches $1-billion deal on the last diesel cars caught in emissions scandal
Postponed Aleppo Evacuation Resumes After Hours Of Delay
The evacuation of thousands of villagers in Aleppo was put on hold after the buses set to carry the evacuees were set on fire by fighter rebels. Although the evacuation has resumed after several hours
Iran Shows Commitment To Deal On Nuclear Program
Iran requessted for a meeting of the joint commission regarding the extension of U.S. sanctions to the country.
Verizon Demands Better Deal Terms After Yahoo’s Widescale Breach
Yahoo is under renewed scrutiny after its second disclosure of breach within this year. The major hacking incidents the company has been involved in puts a risk on its deal with Verizon. Although Veri
Fox Strikes $14.6 Billion Deal With Sky
After a failed attempt to buy Sky in 2010, Fox moved again to acquire 61% of the company through a $14.6 billion deal. The deal, however, faced opposition over concerns of potential over-concentration
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