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Nestlé Expects Chocolate Demand to Drop as Cocoa Prices Rise

Nestlé warns of potential reduced chocolate consumption due to soaring cocoa costs, which may force price hikes and impact consumer demand.

Gold Production on Pause as Mining Industry Reveals Gold Becomes Difficult to Find

The gold mining industry struggles to ramp up gold production due to declining deposits, financing, and regulatory challenges as gold prices increase...

Interior Construction Firms Accused of Rigging Million-Dollar Tenders; Singaporean Watchdog Issues Legal Notices

Two interior construction firms are accused of rigging million-dollar tenders. A Singaporean competition watchdog shares the details...

Chinese Scientists Develop Cheap Aluminum Alloy with Record Thermal Resistance, Six Times Stronger than Standard Alloys

Chinese scientists at Tianjin University developed a cost-effective aluminum alloy with remarkable strength and heat resistance, revolutionizing aerospace and industrial applications...

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Japan Display plans USD 2 billion IPO - source
A source told Bloomberg that Japan Display would be holding an initial public offering to raise JPY 200 billion or USD 2 billion.
SZITIC to do IPO by year's end
SZITIC Commercial Property Ltd had prepared plans to undertake an IPO in the Hong Kong bourse worth around USD1 billion.
South Mumbai’s sale of high-end luxury homes drops
The sale of expensive homes in South Mumbai had dropped by 10% from 30% two years ago with rental yields decreasing by more than half.
La Caixa sells majority share of property unit to TPG-source
A source told Reuters that La Caixa would be selling 51% of its stake in Servihabitat, a real estate firm, to TPG.
Chinese insurance firms may seek real estate investments overseas- CBRE Group
The CBRE Group Inc said Chinese insurance companies could spend USD 14.4 billion in commercial real estate investments overseas.
Regulator approves new Palm Hills share issue
Palm Hills, the Egyptian developer wracked with intrigue and controversy from the Mubarak regime, had obtained approval from regulators as to its new share issue.
Indofood to make bid for Minzhong
Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk PT has been considering a hostile takeover of Singapore-listed China Minzhong Food Corp Ltd after a short-seller attack decreased the Chinese food producer's market value.
Property expert calls out possible property market bubble burst in Dubai CEO and founder said that another property price bubble is in the making in Dubai.
Vaultize opens new office in Mumbai
Vaultize's expansion into the Mumbai area is a step towards achieving its regional and domestic plans.
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