Apple Watch 2 rumored to allow wireless file transfer with simple greeting gesture; Will it be better than previous?

By Staff Writer

Oct 12, 2015 10:59 AM EDT

The Apple Watch 2 is a wearable device tipped to be capable of wireless file exchange with a simple greeting gesture. It will also likely address the problems encountered in the current Apple Watch.

The second-generation Apple Watch could be capable of transferring files wirelessly via Airdrop just like other Apple devices, according to a report by Alphr. The catch is that it could be done with a simple greeting gesture like a handshake or fist-bump. A patent application filed by Apple states: "A greeting gesture can include any gesture that brings two users' wearable devices into proximity and that incorporates a distinctive acceleration or movement of the wearable device."

Other rumored features of the Apple Watch 2 are mentioned in the report. There are speculations that the wearable device could integrate motion sensors to accurately measure the amount of calories burned in exercises like weightlifting. This addresses one of the major problems in the Apple Watch: the inability to accurately track caloric expenditure during exercise.

The Apple Watch 2 is tipped to have its own built-in iSight camera. This could give users the ability to take selfies and FaceTime videos "on the go."

The report continued that the Apple Watch 2 could be designed for a wider range of sports and outdoor activities. It will also have a thinner design which will reportedly not compromise battery life span. According to Tech Times' report, Apple might partner with Samsung and LG to develop P-OLED displays for the Apple Watch 2 which are thinner than the Apple Watch's OLED crystal display.

Meanwhile, The New York Times reported that Apple released a major upgrade to the Apple Watch OS. The Watch OS 2 brings upgrades and more features to the wearable device. It also lets the watch operate without being connected to an iPhone, possibly suggesting that the Apple Watch 2 will also be iPhone-independent.

The Apple Watch 2 is expected to launch in late 2016. It is possible that Apple will offer more customer selections for the second-generation Apple Watch.

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