Sprint is offering iPhone 6S at $1 per Month

By Money Times

Sep 28, 2015 02:46 AM EDT

Sprint's CEO, Marcelo Claure keeps the iPhone price war between its company and T-Mobile continue with its latest $1 per month plan. The new deal offered is another attempt by Claure to help Sprint recover from its 7 years losing streak. Sprint offer $1 per month for the new 16 GB iPhone 6S and $5 per month for 16 GB iPhone 6S Plus.

Sprint's 'iPhone forever' program lets customer trade in their iPhone 6 that was released a year ago and get the new iPhone 6S at the offered price when it is in the market according to CNN. The offered plan required the user to commit with sprint for 22-months but still eligible to trade that iPhone with another iPhone when newer version hits the market.

Claure is positive that the company will still be able to make a profit despite other analyst saying otherwise. He said that "If we get the customer's iPhone 6 in the trade-in, it has $400 value when we resell it". The leasing system allows the Overland Park, Kansas mobile carrier to offer iPhone at a lower price and keep other fees separated.

The price war started when T-Mobile CEO, John Legere announces its company will be offering iPhone 6S at $5 per month and iPhone 6S Plus at $9 per month according to Cnet News. This is confirmed by Sprint's CEO himself when he said that "You are forced to do stuff like this when John puts a $5 lease". The 'Jump on Demand' plan works similar like Sprint's where customers just have to trade in their iPhone 6 and stick with the required commitment period.

However, unlike Sprint's program, 'Jump on Demand' allow customers to upgrade to newer iPhone or another smartphone when available. John Legere also said that the number customers pre-ordering the iPhone have increased 30 percent this year.

Engadget reported that customers can also trade in their iPhone 5s through Sprint's 'iPhone forever' program. Price after trade in for 16GB iPhone 6s will be $10 per month and $14 per month for 16GB iPhone 6s Plus.

Sprint has been losing the carrier battle as the company has a bad service reputation, unlike AT&T and Verizon. Although the two big companies do not offer any low price but with its high customer's loyalty the companies will still able to pull in lots of customers. The iPhone's manufacturer, Apple also offered its own iPhone Upgrade Program that allow a user to upgrade for $32 per month. Apple also offered Apple Care insurance and allow a user to upgrade to newer iPhone whenever they want.

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