Google Classroom adds a Chrome extension for teacher-student website sharing

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Sep 04, 2015 08:04 PM EDT

Today, Google announced at its San Francisco office a new feature for their Google Classroom -  a Chrome extension. 

The new feature will allow teachers to share website with their student eliminating the need for teachers to pass the URL to students for them to click on.

According to TechCrunch, through this extension teachers can just visit any website and then use the extension to select which group they would like to share the website with.

Students that are logged into the Chrome account will receive a notification from the teacher and just click on the website. It works much like Facebook share button, but for Chrome.

Likewise, students can also share related website with their teacher by using this extension. To prevent any abuse of the system, Google enable teachers to know which student is sharing the website. Giving a total transparency in the system.

The platform which is also available for both iOS and android mobile is a great way for the teacher to interact with the students during the class session in one place. The extension is available for download worldwide today and can be used immediately.

Google Classroom is one of the apps launch by the multinational tech company under their Google Apps for Education (GAFE) program. The cloud computing platform enables school administrator to make learning more systematic at a low cost.

Besides Google Classroom, other products that are normally used by educators worldwide as a compliment of the apps are Google Drive, Google Sites, Google Docs and Google Calendar.

These apps make the interaction between teachers and students easier as students can easily chat with teachers when they have a question and teachers can also give assignment through the platform.  

Google Classroom, a project by Google that was launched August last year is a learning platform aiming to make the education system better and to reduce the need of using paper in school.

According to Google for Education Product Manager, there are about 40 million users that implement Google Classroom as part of their education approach worldwide as told by The Next Web.

Google Classroom recently managed to get a partnership agreement with Fairfax County Public School which will allow Google developers to understand more on what is needed to be improved by for the project.

The constant development by Google will enable the platform to become the number one hub for online education system in the future.

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