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‘Total War: Warhammer’ Gameplay Footage Reveals ‘Battle Of Black Fire Pass,’ Game is More 'Total War' than 'Warhammer'

Total War: Warhammer (Credit: Creative Assembly) Total War: Warhammer Game Preview
August 6
8:55 PM 2015

"Total War: Warhammer" fans were awed with the latest gameplay footage released by SEGA and Creative Assembly for the strategy real-time game.  The 10-minute video featured a developer commentary that detailed the bloody clash between humans and orcs, during the massive "Battle Of Black Fire Pass."  It was also revealed that the game has more elements of "Total War."

The scripted gameplay footage still featured the "Total War: Warhammer" game character, Emperor Karl Franz, leading an army of human soldiers against the various monsters in the Greenskin horde led by Orc Warboss Grimgor Ironhide, Digital Trends reported.  The "Battle Of Black Fire Pass" featured a variety of flying creatures and land monsters such as griffon like characters, orcs, goblins, trolls, giants and more. 

According to Silicon Angle, during the developer commentary, one of the game's developer mentioned how the armies from "Warhammer" fantasy battles has given the team "so much diversity to work with."  The developer added that the playable races in "Total War: Warhammer" will look and play differently in both campaign and battle.  The traditional "Total War" combat units have also made its way into the game, such as the cavalry, foot soldiers, and others.  Meanwhile, the fantasy elements of "Warhammer" will provide "Total War: Warhammer" gamers the ability to cast spells.  It has also introduced trolls, giants and kamikaze goblin flyers that launch themselves from catapults, into the game.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with PCGamer, Andy Hall, lead writer for "Total War: Warhammer" has revealed that the game is more "Total War" than "Warhammer."  Hall explained that the game is a "Total War" experience with "Warhammer" layered on top.  The game's lead writer added, "All Warhammer characters have a stat bar, which is very helpful for us...  But we're not literally taking stats... we're using parameters and the paradigm that already exists in Total War, while using the stats that Warhammer gives us and letting that influence everything in the background."

"Total War: Warhammer" is set for release sometime 2016 for Windows, Mac and Linux.  Game fans should note that the latest footage released by Creative Assembly is labelled "pre-alpha" which means that some gameplay elements could still change.  

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