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'Clash of Clans' FREE Tips, Hints: Help the Clan Achieve the Defensive and Offensive Advantage

July 21
8:07 AM 2015

With the worldwide pandemonium at its peak, Clash of Clans by SuperCell has changed the face of cooperative gaming by a long, long shot. As the waves of teams and groups have gone to build and destroy, there are some tips and hints that can be useful to attain victory. Here are some of the most utilized tips gathered that will take the clan one step ahead of the battle.

According to imore, it can be tempting to splurge the gems, but it would be wise to keep them for something important. Production may be vital, but gems can be useful in the near future. Players must also make sure to keep their defenses up with a great amount of walls. This way, the clan will no longer worry excessively about a panel being left unguarded.

It is also one of the most important things to remember-to stay in touch with the more experienced or senior members of the clan. Coordinated attacks are well rewarded, as most players may have encountered. Mentioned in heavy, Lightning Spells also come very handy to the clan. They have defense-penetrating abilities, can vanquish mortars and take down air defenses given that the level is reasonably high.

In terms of defense and offense, players must learn how to properly find the balance to make the each aspect successful. The mortar, archer and cannons are part of the most important variables in defending. As for the offensive, the town hall should be put to priority first, after which, elixir production becomes vital.

There will be inevitable times wherein the clan's buildings will be destroyed. Given that condition, there is a 12-hour shield window wherein the team can strengthen up. A good tip is to take the opportunity of this period to buff up until the next possible situation.  Game Revolution also holds a few key points to assist players in obtaining more interesting hints for their clashes.

Considerably the most painful scenario to befall any clan is to see the base crumbled and destroyed, worse if the players get shocked once it gets trashed while they are not present. The "Revenge" option is any player's way of plotting utter vengeance to the opposing team. An advantage of it is that the players can spectate on the enemy base. Given so, it is best to take note of where the valued properties are, vulnerable spots and more factors that will make that strike-back more painful!

Players, whether beginners or veterans, enjoy mainly the idea of conquering. But the team or clan with the wisest decision and team cooperation proves to be the victor at the end of each battle.

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