Google treats Project Fi Nexus 6 users with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Update

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Jul 10, 2015 09:12 AM EDT

For those who were lucky enough to be given an invite to Project Fi MVNO service, a new version of Lollipop is soon to arrive in all Nexus 6 smartphones.

On its Twitter account, Google's Project Fi announced that "an even sweteter version of Android Lollipop is coming to all Project Fi phones".

Google's Project Fi is a lot similar to prepaid cellular service carriers. It works by rendering mobile data connectivity on two cellular networks, wherein the users can smartly hop between these networks.

Leading mobile network providers T-Mobile and Sprint have partnered with Google to facilitate Project Fi. 

The core twist is that Fi will let the users tap on both Sprint and T-Mobile networks all for the sake of improved network coverage and drop-free wireless connectivity.  

How Project Fi works?

Project Fi uses Wi-Fi connectivity to send text messages and make calls whenever available. Since it's prepaid, users ought to pay upfront contrary to the conventional bills that are paid after using the service. Google claims to have prepped a simplified billing system for Fi. The user pays $20/month for unlimited text messages and calls accompanied with flat $10/GB.  

A software and special SIM power Fi on cellular devices that can validate users on both Sprint and T-Mobile networks would allow them to hop between both these networks depending on certain factors. Since Fi also uses Wi-Fi connectivity for messages and calls, users can easily switch to Wi-Fi hotspots at locations where mobile network goes dead. Fi automatically connects the device to open wireless or Wi-Fi hotspots to cut on mobile data usage when on the go.    

Google touts that Project Fi offers similar features seen in Google Voice. For instance, users can forward their calls to Fi number, check voicemails, send text messages and make calls with that Fi number from most of the devices using Hangouts app.

Google has designed Fi to work globally in 100+ nations without any additional cost pertaining to texting or data usage. Users get the options of calling at flat rates when on a mobile network abroad (away from the U.S.) or choose to pay incredibly low when calling through Wi-Fi.

Sounds cool but we will have to wait a bit until Google launches the service across all devices, as presently Fi is available for Nexus 6 users only and they ought to request Project F1 invites.

Thought Project Fi might sound a good pick with its cool features like a simplified billing system, ability to hop between two networks, automatic connectivity to Wi-Fi hotspots, et. al., the entire success of Fi boils down to the users' penchant and their preferences.

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