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'Minecraft: The Combat Update' New Title, Gameplay Exposed; New Blocks, Resource Packs Revealed

May 23
3:09 AM 2015

There has been no recent update for Minecraft 1.9 yet, but it seems the title for the game update is already seen and it shows very exciting news.

The fans had been very keen in finding the latest grip they could get until Minecraft 1.9 is released. And it seems that the update for the game is officially called as "Minecraft 1.9: The Combat Update".

The update will have significant additions and changes. The plans for the update include model changes within the NBT data, the use of better code so that the map makers can create better mobs. It is to be implemented with the use of resource packs. Though the changes in the block data are just the same with 1.8.

There will be a new block, a dark-colored one.

A grass-like path of about 15-16 blocks are also added with a somewhat similar texture to the grass block.

There will be quivers and other items which can be used to hold arrows. There will also be four new arrow types, one of which is the Spectral Arrow. There will also be captions/subtitles for those with who can't hear much sound.

There will also be a new type of dungeon with new blocks and mobs. This is related to the new dark-colored block.

There is also an added support to rotate and mirror structures.

As for the changes, there will be a proper support for multiple bosses' health bars. A redo will also be made with regards to the ender dragon's boss fight. It's now similar very to the fight in the Console edition.

The obsidian pillars will also have iron bars surrounding the ender crystal. And the dragon will breathe purple particles. The dragon will also be able to respawn without resetting the End if it has been killed.

The game also has new cloud rendering system and command blocks, and also new GUI.

Lastly, the death messages will be displayed on the death screen instead of the chat box. There will also be no fixed-function OpenGL for the shaders.

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