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New Avatar after Korra to be named soon! Twin earthbending avatars on the rise

May 19
9:43 AM 2015

Everyone is very well aware that the TV series Legend of Korra had ended during December last year, and has stopped the streak of the Avatar universe that has been going on for years since Avatar: The Last Airbender. It's also a common knowledge that Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino, most generally known by fans as the duo "Bryke", has come to a conclusion of not continuing the show. They have ended the show which was aired on Nickelodeon, and has been rumored to continue on Netflix. But another avatar is yet to rise, and it's clearly from the Earth nation.

Even though the show has ended, fans are raging up with their own versions of the story following the latest Avatar Korra. In a website where the showrunners Bryke obtain their inspirations for the series, fans were leading up onto discussions and forums as to who and where and what person will the next Avatar be.

The original cycle of the avatars goes through fire, air, water and earth. Roku was the avatar of the fire nation, followed by Aang of the air nomads, then Korra of the water tribe, now the avatar who's next in line would be from the earth nation.

Though it seems, that even when the next earthbending avatar is yet to rise, it will be a difficult situation since if it (nobody knows yet if it's a boy or girl, or a combination of the two) would appear after Korra, the world would be of the world of machines. The earth avatar's power shall be left on a tough challenge as the interval between it and Korra, surely will be many, many years, will happen during the rise of industry and commerce (and now machines), just like what it was on Aang and Korra.

Fans are also deeming to have a twin avatar, and it will be an offspring of a fire-and-earth-bending couple, and they will be going against each other! They are named Vin and Khan. Let's see if the creators would take a grip onto this idea.

While there has no reports yet of the next plans for the series, what do you avatar fans think about the new avatar to come?

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