‘Frozen 2’ Plot Update: Animator co-director reveals 'Sequel has an ending'; Plot similar to Wizard of Oz story?

By Staff Writer

May 01, 2015 09:18 AM EDT

"Frozen 2" creator and animation director Chris Buck revealed that the sequel's ending has already been decided albeit the absence of a title. The award-winning director also admits that making the sequel is not an easy task as he feels pressured about the success of "Frozen." Meanwhile, a recent report says that the sequel could have a touch of Oz since Buck was inspired by his visit in Australia.

The film's co-director Chris Buck said that matching the success of "Frozen" is not an easy task at all since the animated film earned more than $1.6 billion globally, making it the most successful animated film in history. That's why it is not a surprise when Disney announced that a sequel in currently under works and will hit cinemas on 2018.

"Frozen 2" already has an ending but Buck said that their team still has "a lot of things to figure out." Recently, the director visited Australia and may use some aspects of his visit to help him writing the movie's plot line. This sparked the speculation that "Frozen 2" may have a touch of Oz since L. Frank Baum's "Ozma of Oz" is set in Australia where Dorothy and her Uncle Henry live. This might result to the possible allusion of Oz in "Frozen 2.".

Previously, "Frozen" and "Wizard of Oz" have been compared to each other. A report said that the two children movies have strong similarities. Janet Erlick, executive artistic director of the Fort Lauderdale Children's Theatre, cited that the shared strength of Dorothy of Kansas and Anna of Arendelle is very alike.

"The power was within her all along to do what needed to be done," said Erlick.

Other reports suggest that "Frozen 2" might finally explain the origin of Elsa's power, which have been a mystery to the fans as it was not clearly explained in the first movie.

"Frozen 2" is one of the highly-anticipated animated movie to hit theaters on 2018. There have been a lot of speculations about its possible plot but co-director Chris Buck said that his recent visit in Australia may inspire a "Frozen" and "Oz" connection.

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