‘Frozen 2’ Plot, Release Date Update: Elsa’s power origins revealed; Disney confirms release date

By Staff Writer

Apr 10, 2015 01:27 AM EDT

It's been announced that "Frozen 2" will premiere on 2018, which means the fans of the animated film will have to speculate about its possible plot for another three years. From Elsa's possible love interest, to Anna's potential powers, waiting sure has made the "Frozen" fans imaginations go beyond what's expected (and possible). But one question was left unanswered in the first movie, where did Elsa's power come from?

After the release of "Frozen" 2013, facts about its development process was released revealing that Elsa was supposed to be the main villain and she and Anna were not even supposed to be sisters. Disney however seemed to intentionally leave the origin of Elsa's power out in the story. Maybe they are saving the big reveal for "Frozen 2"?

Aside from Elsa's possible love interest in the sequel, Disney could (or should) also allot an enough time to discuss the Ice Queen's power in "Frozen 2." Doing that would make a lot of sense so fans will stop asking why Elsa's father seemed to know how to deal with her power in the first movie. Immediately after Elsa accidentally struck Anna, The King went to the library and looked for a "book with a map" that led him to the trolls, who then warned their family about Elsa's power. Could it be that her power came from her father's side? Will Disney create a possible evil-relative that can explain the history of controlling winter?

Speaking of the "book with a map," how did that end up in the castle's library? That's another storyline that Disney should include in "Frozen 2" to enlighten all those people who are wondering about the origin of Elsa's power.

"Frozen 2" will hit the big screen on 2018 but its fans cannot stop speculating about its possible plot as early as now. Will the much-awaited "Frozen 2" finally reveal the origin of Elsa's power?

Leave us your theories about the "book with a map" and the origin of the Ice Queen's power in the comments section below.

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