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The Flash Finale has Barry vs. Gorilla Grodd vs. Reverse Flash; Will Barry get justice for his mother?

April 20
12:52 PM 2015

The Flash wraps up Season 1 with explosive episodes revealing answers to mysteries that have perplexed the hero of the series the entire season.

In Episode 19 "Who is Harrison Wells" on air on April 21 on The CW, Barry and the team discover that the Harrison Wells they know is not who he says he is. Everyone already thinks Wells is actually The Reverse Flash who is responsible for the death of Barry's mother; but as Christian Today teases, the team discovers something more sinister in Wells' insistence in helping The Flash speed up some more.

The episode guide by has Joe and Cisco go off to Starling City to seek help in investigating Dr. Wells, seeks the help of Captain Lance and meets the Black Canary. In Central City, Barry grapples with a meta-human who can transform himself into any person he touches, including the Flash.  

Episode 20 "The Trap" on air on April 28, will see Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, and Joe set up a trap for Harrison Wells, using Cisco as bait - a gamble that puts him in serious danger. Eddie makes a decision regarding Iris that does not sit well with Joe.

Episode 21 "Grodd Lives" airs on May 5 with Barry dealing with Reverse Flash's latest threat to a member of the team. Dr. Wells/Eobard Thawne unleashes Gorilla Grodd on the city which manages to distract Barry and the team as Joe, Barry, and Cisco go into the sewers to catch the gorilla. Grodd manages to kidnap Joe. Iris and Barry have a personal talk.

Episode 22 "Rogue Air" airs on May 12.

The series airs on The CW.

The Flash wraps up Season 1 with Episode 23 titled "Fast Enough" airing on May 19 as the series finale with the superheroes uniting to fight the Reverse Flash.  

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