'Expendables 4' Cast Updates: Jackie Chan, Manny Pacquiao to join? Next 'Expendables' sequel comes out with TV series?

By Adam Bellotto

Mar 24, 2015 03:01 AM EDT

The Expendables 3 didn't do that well at the box office last year- despite pulling in decent totals overall, the film only made around $15 million during its opening weekend- not great, considering the amount of star power in the film, the fanbase built in from past installments and the sheer amount of money spent on The Expendables 3.

But that doesn't mean a fourth film isn't already pushing forward- and it is, according to the latest reports. It's beens stated by Master Herald that The Expendables 4 might alread be in the works- and that the film might even release as early as this year. That's a little unbelievable, as far as most rumors go- for it to be possible, Expendables 4 would likely have to start filming ASAP and then rush through its post-production process at breakneck speed. As well, the film would need a cast already cemented in place- and that doesn't seem to be the case yet.

Some stars, like Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan and Hulk Hogan, have been rumored to be joining the Expendables franchise for its fourth installment, but none of them have been confirmed yet (however, Sylvester Stallone has publicly stated that he's interested in courting Chan for a role. However, the latest rumor is that boxer Manny Pacquiao is potentially joining the franchise- not hugely surprising, giving the number of MMA stars already on the roster.

However, that's not the only major Expendables news making headlines. According to the same set of rumors, it's possible that The Expendables is considering a switch to television, and a spin-off series that would include the classic action heroes of the small screen (Chuck Norris, maybe?). That would make an excellent addition to the Expendables canon.

For now, though, we'll have to wait until Stallone decides to announce more Expendables news publicly.

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