5 Seconds of Summer new album updates, release date: Katy Perry songwriter McKee writes ‘sexy songs’; Other Aussie musicians to collaborate

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Mar 23, 2015 01:54 PM EDT

5 Seconds of Summer are getting serious about album number two. They are in fact in the midst of recording their latest album. While many fans can't wait, it was reported that the boy band has been collaborating a tons of musicians, as well as songwriters.

A whole bunch of new 5 Seconds of Summer music is on its way.  Many fans are already getting crazed to hear their new collaborations with artists and songwriters.

One of the songwriters that are making collaboration with their work is John Fieldmann. It is not a secret that this not their first collaborations. Fieldmann was responsible for 'Long Way Home', 'Kiss Me Kiss Me' and loads of other 5SOS classics.

John talked about his current collaboration with the band. Via Buzzfeed, he told, "The 5 Seconds of Summer guys are unbelievable musicians. I knew who they were from my friend Jess from The Veronicas who dated Michael. She told me about them way, way prior so my predisposition to the band was very different from what the world thought, which was that they were a boyband."       

Other than him, Sugarscape reported everything they new about the band's latest album. The site told that the band is writing 'sexy songs' with Katy Perry's songwriter Bonnie McKee. Last February 2015, the songwriter also revealed thru his twitter that he was writing songs about sexy stuff for the band.

Although there are no specific details about the 'sexy songs' that fans are expecting, the site shared idea that what the theme of the song could be. It may be about the time that Ash kissed a real life girl, or Luke's sweater paws, or Mikey's last Friday night or it could be Calum's naked knees.

Meanwhile, Fashion&Style also reports that 5SOS is currently working for their sexy album with some Aussie musicians such as Joel and Benji Madden, otherwise known as The Madden Brothers.

Via twitter Michael Clifford revealed to his fans that the Madden Brothers is working on a song for the band, and it is amazing.

5 Seconds of Summer new album title, tracks and release date are yet to be announced.

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