iPod Touch 6th Gen Rumored Design and Functionality the same with iPhone 6? iPod Touch Plus to be Introduced

By Staff Writer

Mar 16, 2015 05:53 AM EDT

Apple may or may not push through with the launching of iPod Touch 6th Gen depending on how innovative it is going to be with this device line-up. Sure, there is a market for this dedicated music player device but the giant tech company has to make it as irresistible as the iPhone 6 considering that the demand for iPod is slowly declining recently. 

However, that does not mean that its target niche is a hopeless case. In fact, it is very much alive and holds a lot of potential. Apple simply has to come up with a reinvented iPod Touch 6th Gen in terms of features, and Apple seems to already have a solution to that observation. 

According to an article published on Cross Map, Apple is set to debut the upcoming iPod Touch 6th Gen with these two key features: Apple Pay and iPod Touch Plus. The iPod Touch is said to be perfect for Apple's purpose of convenient payment as it is smaller to carry than iPad. While iPhone 6 also offers this feature now, Apple keeps this functionality exclusive to the iPhone device.  

The iPod Touch 6th Gen is also rumored to be the same with the iPhone 6 in terms of design, thus the speculations that the upcoming iPod device might also arrive in two. One 4.7-inch regular size and 5.5-inch Plus size. The Stabley Times reports that the iPod Plus version could be possible given the popularity of larger screens now. 

If the design of the iPod Touch 6 Gen and its functionality would be the same with that of iPhone 6, except for calling and texting functionality and everything else that relies on mobile connectivity, there's no reason for this device to be not as successful as the iPhone device has been. Price should be factored in as well.

If after that the iPod Touch 6th Gen doesn't sell then it might be time for Apple to consider dropping this product line. It's worth noting though that it was Apple that revolutionized the music player scene and it can do it again necessary.

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