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'Parenthood' Finale: Bring Back the Bittersweet Moments as Braverman Bids Farewell; Creator Jason Katims Shows Deleted Scenes

January 30
6:41 AM 2015

"Parenthood" series had just ended and the Bravermans had already said their goodbyes as the season had ended last Thursday. It was an overwhelmingly heartbreaking and at the same time a hearwarming ending.

The show has brought the audience with their happy moments as they had recalled some story lines that lead to a happy resolution. Within the hour, it has also provided an uplifting preview of the future as Sarah (Lauren Graham) and Hank (Ray Romano) had tied knot in front of their family and friends in the episode. Zeek (Craig T. Nelson), on the other side, look good enough as he walks through the aisle with his "favorite child."

TV Guide said that Zeek and Camille (Bonnie Bedella) invited Amber (Mae Whitman) to move in with them although she protested at first. However, the two explained to Amber that they want her and baby Zeek to move in as their "third act." Amber was also ecstatic as she knew that Crosby (Dax Shephard) decided to keep The Luncheonette open without Adam's presence. So, Crosby is now considered as the new Adam and Amber as the new Crosby.

The same site source also cited that Adam was offered with Kristina's position as the headmaster of the Chambers Academy when she got a lucrative offer with nonprofit set on opening from other charter schools like that of the Chambers.

Julia (Erika Christensen) and Joel (Sam Jaeger), after their final difficult year, knew that Victor's mother had welcomed the baby girl who is Victor's half-sister. So, they decided to adopt her.

On the contrary, sadness also dominates the episode when Camille, who was looking to Max's wedding photographs from the wedding, turned and saw Zeek dead in his wingback chair. The Bravermans, standing in circle, threw Zeek's ashes onto the local baseball field before they engaged to a friendly family game.

Flash forwards of the Braverman's future were then showed alongside the intercuts of the footage of the game. Camille visited Chez Marie, where Zeek wanted to take her. Crosby was successful in running the Luncheonette, and Jasmine (Joy Bryant) got pregnant once again. Julia and Joel had already got four kids namely, Victor, Sydney, Victor's sister, and another baby boy. Sarah and Hank were finally happily married.

Amber is now with a man named, Scott Porter of the "Friday Night Lights," who has a little girl in his lap. The Hollywood Reporter noted that Amber hasn't have a good romantic relationship with Ryan who in the future a good father to baby Zeek as Lauria illustrated.

Creator Jason Katims revealed in TV Line that in the season's finale, there had to be some scenes needed to be cut because of its length. "It's a big season, and there was a lot to tell," he said.

He added, "We had to make several really brutal cuts in order to get the show to time, and that's even with the network giving us some extra screen time, which was wonderful."

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