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'Quantum Break' XBox One Release Date: Updates Reveal "Cinematic Experience" for Gamers; Official Plot, Antagonist Revealed

January 26
8:07 AM 2015

Remedy Entertainment will release Xbox One Exclusive new game, Quantum Break, by June 2015. This new game is highly anticipated by the gamers worldwide.

Crossmap details how the game developers described how this new game will be exciting to all gamers. According to them, "Quantum Break delivers an action-packed, fast-paced game where the players have to bend and shape time for survival, master unique powers, bending and warping time to outmaneuver and outwit the enemy. Epic moments of destruction, captured in time, become your playground."

This is an ambitious game in which it sets the gamers to the next level as cited in Load The Game. In the site, it was described primarily as an ambitious game that has teased narrative left and right with the attempt to sell it to gamers as a "cinematic experience." This experience will be focused on to the main characters, the setting, science, as well as, the plot.

Sam Lake, the creative director of Quantum Break at Remedy Entertainment, discussed some parts of the game as cited in Segment Next. In their site, this is so far the biggest thing that the game developers have worked on according to Lake.

Upon conceptualizing the mechanics of the game, with the help of the physicist, they are able to come up with some "crazy ideas" that the developers already have in mind.

Therefore, Lake wanted to emphasize that in each part of the game, they are all verified and tested which applies to the modern physics.

He added that in the process of developing this game, the quantum physicist has given them several inputs and they had to go back to the drawing board to get things in line to what the scientific theories suggest. In order to have a good action game, it takes a lot of effort and had a lot of sleepless nights.

They added that the gamers will be confronted with how the game is played which will open like a personalized version of a television show. This show will give them ideas about the possible tactics to use, and some insights to the impacts of each tactic. This will allow discovery about how unique the content of the game is.

With the release date, Quantum Break will be introducing three main characters - Jack Joyce, Beth Wilder, and Paul Serene. They will possess the manipulating skills and control of time. They will be caught up in the middle of the travel experiment that has gone wrong. Thus, they are tasked to save time from entire breakdown through a mission.

The game will be set in some parts of North Eastern United States. Paul Serene will act as the antagonist who will be searching for Jack Joyce and Beth Wilder.

This will be officially released as "Season One" as Lake labeled it, this June 2015.

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